NEW Harmonic Breath of Life Rejuvenator

Reconnect to the flow of Life Ions within Creation -
the Universal Life Force - the fluid Universal Breath of Life!

Rejuvenate the Breath of Life in your body, mind and emotions.

- Harmonize angular, toxic disharmonic energy back to the fluid ionic wave of positive Life Force energy.
-  Harmonize irregular wave patterns in neurotransmitters of the brain and nervous system, while restoring and synchronizing the body's natural pulses and rhythms.
- Dismantle disharmonic energy grids of limitation, suppression and disempowerment to restore motivation, upliftment, freedom and empowerment throughout your being.

Read all about it in the NEW
"In Harmony"
In Harmony October 2016.pdf - VIEW & PRINT

October's focus is "The Divine Rhythm of Discernment"!!
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Moving into the Divine Rhythm of Discernment in the
NEW October 2016 "In Harmony" (click above to view and print).

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Within the stillness of Divine Peace,
there is always the Breath of Life
-- the movement of consciousness from one to another --
the fluidity of awareness, inspiration and Divine upliftment
from the Heart and Mind of God to you
and from your sacred acknowledgment, back to the Heart and Mind of God,
ever expanding the continuing knowledge of the Divinity of Self.
From Symmetry of Divine Love

The content of this website and all publications is suggestions from personal energetic observation by
the creator of
the Harmonic Products. Harmonic Products do not treat or cure disease. They work with the energy of the body.
For treatment of medical conditions, contact a health care professional.

Harmonic Products are tools for

Balance, Vitalization and Transformation

We as a society have struggled for decades in an environment of ever increasing suppressed energies. Chemicals, electromagnetic devices of all descriptions, and even thought forms generated by society have left us with less than a perfect world. Many are intentionally working to change this. The tools are here. The time is now.

Science agrees that everything is energy. You can neither create energy nor can you destroy it, you can only change its form. As energy moves, it is perceived as a waveform. Energy moving in a constructive, creative way is referred to as harmonic; energy moving in a distorted, destructive way is disharmonic. By changing the movement of the energy, a disharmonic waveform can be transformed or harmonized to its harmonic state.

The Harmonic Products contain harmonic waveforms to assist you in raising your level of wellness. Each of the Harmonic Products is designed to restore the movement of your body's natural energy in a specific area, to bring your world back to its natural harmonic state of being.
Harmonic Products are the culmination of many years of research and development. We invite you to experience and become familiar with them. They are truly tools for change - to awaken the potential that lies within.


Note: Results are not necessarily the same for all individuals as each person's energy and lifestyle are different.
 Harmonic Products, Attunements, Protocols and Triads do not treat or cure disease, they work with the energies of the body. For diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, see a health care professional.

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