Wellness & Rejuvenation

Harmonic Products are designed to assist you in re-establishing your natural state of health and vitality.

The determining factor of your level of wellness
is the flow and amplitude of the body's basic energy,
often referred to as life-force energy.

The Simplicity of Healing
lies in the fact that there is only one disease:
Low-Level Wellness

We are on a continuum of wellness:
At the top is High-Level Wellness
Near the midpoint is absence of symptoms

At the bottom is Low-Level Wellness

As your level of wellness lowers, symptoms occur.
Symptoms are the result of three things within your system:
  • Toxic emotions
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Genetic weaknesses
Only one thing determines where you are on this continuum; the movement of your body's basic energy, referred to as the flow and amplitude of your life-force energy.
Your life-force energy is the basic body energy that exists in and around your being and in and around every one of your cells. If your life-force energy is gone, your body is pronounced dead. If the life-force energy to one of your cells is depleted, the cell degenerates. If the life-force energy is blocked, the cell dies.

Raising your level of wellness by increasing the flow and amplitude of your life-force energy awakens and activates the body's innate ability to heal itself.
Once the body is in a state of degeneration or premature aging, to regenerate your being, you must actively choose to enhance the flow of energy in and around every cell in your body. This may include alternative healing modalities, a healthy diet and exercise program, what you choose to put in and on your body, plus a positive state of mind.

You were created in such a magnificent way that when you provide a positive internal and external environment, your body is capable of healing itself according to its perfect blueprint.