Divine Rhythm of Joy

The Divine Rhythm of Joy
(and Divine Rhythm of Joy Attunement) by Ann Marie Work

   Joy is the celebration of life. It is the effervescence which moves through your being like the radiance of sunshine smiling through from the inside out. Joy is the fuel which drives creative ideas into materialization. It is the force which makes things happen in your life according to your desires. It is the energy to lift you out of depression, clear your perspectives on life and allow you to embrace and move into positive thoughts and actions.

   People often ask, "What is my mission in life?" The answer to this question may seem complicated and difficult to grasp. Yet, it is simple. Your mission in life is to find what brings you joy, live what brings you joy and share this joy with others. When you live and share what brings you joy, your life will be fulfilled. You will be guided from the inside out,  rather than by what someone else thinks is right for you or what you perceive someone else wants you to do. 

   When you are listening to your heart, the Divine Rhythm of Joy begins like a radiant smile from deep within and moves through your being. This movement of energy creates a magnetic attraction for those people, things and events which bring your thoughts and ideas into physical reality.  You are unique, and the gifts you came to share with the world are all those things which bring you joy.

   Joy is the expression of Creative Love moving through your being and in your life. Suppressing your joy is the same as suppressing your creative energy. When you are out of joy, you are out of balance physically, mentally and emotionally. The body moves into a state of stagnation and dysfunction which can lead to chemical imbalances catapulting a person into depression and chronic degeneration. When you have lost the Divine Rhythm of Joy, it can seem like a spiraling decent into an abyss of no return.

   The simplest way to restore your Divine Rhythm of Joy is through movement and creativity. 

   How do you find joy once it has left your life? If the Divine Rhythm of Joy is completely void in your life, the only way to restore it is through movement and creativity. Turn on some joyful music and let your body dance. Move. . . move . . .move. On the top of the list would be movement which includes balance such as Yoga, Tai-chi, Tai-kwando, Karate, etc. The more the body moves the better. Try dance lessons, belly dancing or join a fitness center. In addition, do something creative everyday. This could include taking classes, discovering your creative talents, playing with children, volunteering in community projects or becoming involved in something greater than yourself.  You can begin with simple things such as creating a new hair style, cooking, writing letters to friends and family or planning a party. Just be creative.

   You may want to start a journal and title it: What brings me joy? Write in it every day, even if it is only one or two sentences. Then begin to expand this topic by describing how you express your joy. Include short and long term plans to create experiences which would bring you joy. An example would be to list goals such as: It would bring me joy to assist with the project Habitat for Humanity. Then list the steps to accomplish the goals and when you plan to carry out these steps. To restore the Divine Rhythm of Joy to its full potential takes a concentrated effort, but it is well worth every minute you spend on it. To once again embrace life to its fullest, is the greatest reward of all.

Harmonic Liquid Formula "Joy" was created to assist in inspiring and amplifying your natural Divine Rhythm of Joy.

Joy is the Elixir of Life!
It is the sparkle that moves through your being,
like the radiance of sunshine smiling through from the inside out.
  • Joy is the energy to lift you out of depression.
  • Joy clears your mind to embrace and move into positive thoughts and actions.
  • Joy is the fuel which drives creative ideas into materialization.
  • Joy is the force which makes things happen in your life according to your desires.
Flood your cells with the efferv-essence of JOY!
Raise the resonance of sunshine and joy in the body, enhance the life-force energy within and amplify the yellow spectrum of life in the body.
Take 10 drops of Harmonic Liquid Joy, 3-6 times a day, in 4-6 oz. water, for 10-25 days.
Continue on a general wellness program.
Take 10 drops of Harmonic Liquid Joy, 2 times a day or as desired (minimum of 20 drops daily).

In addition - assist in detoxifying the body and stabilizing the rhythms of life.
Add 4 drops of Peace per gallon of pure water to make Restored Water. Drink often throughout the day.

Take Harmonic Liquid Joy with Intent!
   Hold a bottle of Joy and focus on your intent, whether it be something specific, or your intent to simply resonate and live in joy.
   Place a few drops of Joy under your tongue. Pay attention to the taste (it may change with each dose as different frequencies are harmonized and released). Pay attention to where the energy goes in your body. Each use of Joy may harmonize a different physical blockage.
   Repeat the same intent three times in a row to harmonize energy blockages and restore the resonance of Joy.

Activate your life-force energy and harmonize negative energies to:
  • Enhance your level of wellness.
  • Activate the potential of anything it is place in or on.
  • Accelerate the movement of creative energy and enhance natural patterns of life.
  • Harmonize the accumulated effects of stress from the energies of harmful chemicals.

Other Suggested Use:

To energetically support those challenged with depression, epilepsy, burns, emergencies, chronic degeneration and for general health and rejuvenation:
Add 4 drops to 6-8 oz. water 3 times a day.
To Harmonize energies and restore the life-force:
  In food: Place 4 drops directly on your plate at mealtime or in each dish being served.
(The imbalanced energy of pesticides suppresses and distorts the energy in fruits and vegetables. Joy changes this distortion and awakens the potential of the nutrients. It also restores energy after microwaving food.)
  In coffee, tea, wine, beverages: Add 4 drops.
To raise the life-force in an area of physical distress and accelerate the healing of damaged tissue:
Apply topically full strength. (When burned or cut, you hold your breath, slowing down the movement of your body's life energy. This is restored when you place Joy on the wound, awakening the body's natural healing ability.)
In emergencies for quick relief: Use topically or place drops under tongue. Seek medical assistance.
For Pets: Add 2-4 drops to food and water. Apply topically to areas of physical distress.
To harmonize household and personal care products: Add 2-4 drops per 4 oz. of product.

Suggestions for using Joy to assist in Harmonizing the negative affects of Radiation!
  • Take 5 drops 2 times a day under your tongue or in a small amount of water.
  • In areas of more contamination, take 10 drops 2 times a day under tongue or in water.
  • Feeling ill (weak or nauseous), take 10 drops 4 times a day under tongue or in water.
  • Or a one time dose of 1 tablespoon of Joy.
In addition: Place 2 drops of Joy on each plate of food you eat or liquid you drink. (You can use kinesiology - muscle testing - to confirm the energetic shift that has taken place in the food and liquid.) You may also soak fruits and vegetables and some meats and fish in water that has a few drops of Joy and a drop of Peace.
  • For Children: Take 5 drops 2-3 times a day under tongue or in a small amount of water.
  • For Pets: Put 2 drops on their food and in their water.
  • Optional Enhancement: Spritz your body with Restoration Mist (10 drops Joy + 2 drops Peace in a 2 oz. spritzer bottle). Take a bath with Joy and Peace added as desired.
  • For additional support, use Harmonic Liquid Confidence to transmute the side effects of environmental and airborne chemicals. Take 10 drops under tongue 3 times a day. Read more about Confidence..


"My husband is severely allergic to sulfates in wine. We put 2 drops of Joy in a glass of wine and he had no reaction." C.P.
"My daughter-in-law was severely burned from the steam of a pressure cooker. She immediately applied Joy on her arm, missing one small spot. That spot blistered and was quite painful. Where Joy was applied there was no pain and it healed quickly." M.P.
"I have been giving Joy to my children since they were little for strep throat, ear infections, flu, bacteria and virus infections. They are 25 and 29 years old now and I believe much healthier because of Joy." J.M.

Note: Results are not necessarily the same for all individuals as each person's energy and lifestyle are different.
Harmonic Products do not treat or cure disease, they enhance the energies of the body. For diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, see a health care professional.

Moving into the Divine Rhythm of Joy

An Attunement by Ann Marie Work
Turn on some soft, joyful music.
Sit upright on a firm chair, so your back is a few inches from the back of the chair and begin to gently rock back and forth.

Pay attention to your breathing.
You can feel your lungs expanding and contracting as you inhale and exhale.

Now imagine your whole body breathing with you

    and let yourself go into the waves of the Breath and into the Joy.
Focus on your heart breathing with you, letting go into the waves of the Breath.
    Perceive a smile within your heart and radiating out to the edge of your skin from head to toe.

Focus on the word Joy, repeating it in your mind several times

    as you just let your body move freely into the Rhythm of Joy.

Perceive this smile in your heart, gently expanding to fill your chest, then moving

    Across your shoulders,
    Down your arms,
    Into your hands and fingers,
    Up your neck and into your head,
    Down your face, across your eyes,
    Through your mouth, jaw and neck,
    Down your spine and through your back,
    Into your hips and pelvic cradle,
    Down your thighs and legs,
    And into your feet and toes.
    Up into your abdomen
    And back to your heart.

As your whole body drifts on the waves of the breath in the smile of joy

    focus on those things you desire to attract into your life.
    What brings you joy and what would you desire to add to your life to increase that joy?

Define what this Rhythm feels like in your body using harmonic adjectives,

    such as light, exuberant, alive, sparkling, etc.

Then describe Joy with your body instead of with words.

     Lift your arms and stand up if you desire.

Begin to sway and move in this Rhythm allowing your body to dance in the Joy,

    to dance in the smile of the sunshine of the soul.

Each time you return to this Divine Rhythm of Joy you magnetically attract your desires to you,

    so find this smile within and return to your Divine Rhythm of Joy for at least 5 minutes every day
    and move into the celebration of life according to the desires of your heart.

Remember, you are a divine expression of Creative Love.

    Moving into the Divine Rhythm of Joy puts that Creative Love in motion.
    It is who you are. It is why you are here. You are not only divine --- you are magnificent!

Proclaim, "I accept the magnificence of the Divine Rhythm of Joy within me".

Harmonic Attunements and Harmonic Products do not treat or cure disease, they enhance the energies of the body.
For diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions and disease, contact a health care professional.
 This content was created from research and the personal energetic observations by the editor.