September 2010

Symmetry of Love
Living an Empowered Life From the Divine Love Within
September 2010 Volume 7 Issue 9


Symmetry of Love empowerment of self-healing and transformation, using the power of Divine Love to become whole, well and balanced in mind, body and spirit with peace, joy and harmony in all areas of your life.

The Divine Love within is the pure harmonic core of your Being.
The Divine Love within you is directly connected to the Heart and Mind of God.
It is the power to create or change your world according to your heart's desires.
It is the creative life force within you that allows you to know and understand what Love is.
It can fill every cell in your body with health and vitality.
It transforms your judgments into peace and awareness, your fears into joy and celebration,
your powerlessness into empowerment and harmony,
and your lack of self-worth into perceptions of value, honor and Love for yourself and others.

You have a choice, to express Divine Love through your being or not,
each moment of each day.

Bathe yourself in the Brilliance of the Divine Love within

Have you ever wondered:
  • What is Divine Love? Am I sure that Divine Love is the core of my being?
  • If the Divine Love is within me why do I continue to worry or feel frustrated and angry?
  • Why isn't Divine Love taking better care of me? Why isn't my life better?
  • Where is peaceful joy and why do I have trouble finding it? Why don't I feel it all the time?
The answer may be as simple as - "You get to choose to be in Divine Love or not".

Both Divine Love and disharmonic emotions exist within us and in the world around us simultaneously. You perceive your world through your thoughts and your focus. You can focus on the positive or the negative each moment of the day - it is a choice. However, give yourself a break! It is very easy to focus on the negative if those around you are in negative conversations or actions. Many times it is more difficult to stay in positive thought. It is very easy to have worries and frustration.
Do you often complain, justify, blame or focus on injustice? Are you aware that these thoughts and activities lead to anxiety, worry, judgment, fear, frustration, anger, self-condemnation, or low self esteem? Oh yes, there is a connection between the two.

Principle: You attract to you that which you focus on.

Last month I created a 4-week, 4-Step Empowerment Program - The Law of Magnetic Attraction via my Inspirational emails, to begin to change the focus of the mind. I challenged us to begin to shift the basic human nature and behavior patterns by choosing the positive over the negative. Choosing thoughts, emotions, perceptions, reactions, actions and decisions that give us what we want rather than what we say we do not want. I suggest that we repeat it again this month, keeping in mind that it is important to do the Program in the order recommended.
If you did not receive this series of emails - email to be
added to our Inspirational email list.

If you do not have email and would like to participate, call 715-355-8515 to request a copy.

Divine Love is a Rainbow of Life
The Divine Love within is a Living Rainbow of characteristics and possibilities. Each person is unique and everyone has a choice as to how and when they choose to express this kaleidoscope of energy that comes from the core of the Divine Love within. Within each person, certain aspects of the rainbow are more dominant or more suppressed. True vitality in every area of life comes when all of the aspects of the rainbow are fully present and creatively expressed on an ongoing basis.
Last month we discussed how you consciously or unconsciously create your world using the Law of Magnetic Attraction. In the August 2010 Publication, we presented the 1st in a series of four "focused activities" to begin to shift the basic human nature and negative behavior patterns by choosing the positive over the negative. Choosing positive thoughts, emotions, perceptions, reactions, actions and decisions enhances the Rainbow of Life rather than suppresses it. The other 3 "focused activities" were presented in the Symmetry Inspirational email, as mentioned in the article above. I recommend you repeat this 4-week, 4-Step Empowerment Program - The Law of Magnetic Attraction again this month. It should be much easier this time

What is the Rainbow of Life?
Imagine you are listening to an orchestra. You can pick out the drum, violin, trumpet and flute. They make up the full spectrum of sound, the "rainbow" of the music. Now imagine half of the orchestra leaves, creating large gaps in the arrangement. The music would be fragmented and the song would be incomplete. Restoring the orchestra restores the full pleasure of the music being played.
The Divine Love within you is a full-spectrum of pure harmonic expression. This harmonic symphony of light, sound and color moves through your being in Rhythms of Life. These Rhythms make all things possible, health, vitality, inspiration, expression and manifestation, they are the "music" of your life. Similar to light moving through a prism, the Rhythms appear as a "rainbow" of 12 basic colors. They each have their own individual characteristics plus interact with each other to create amazing kaleidoscopes of energy. This life force is in constant movement, or should be. When you focus on any form of judgment, fear, disempowerment or lack of self-worth, it leads to distress, anxiety, worry, frustration and various forms of emotional and mental disharmony and the "rainbow" appears to diminish and fade. Restoring and amplifying the original Rainbow of Life within you supports the body in restoring balance and enhancing your level of well being in all areas of your life

Symmetry Attunement and focus This Month - For You, Humanity and the Earth
Embrace the Beautiful Rainbow of Divine Love within you,
to transform and clear the sabotage of disharmonic emotions, thoughts and actions within you.
Enhance your body, mind, emotions and all areas of your life.
Enhance the Magnetic Attraction you desire that is in alignment with the Divine Love within
and awaken more of your awareness of who you "really" are and expand this awareness into all areas of your life.

A Living Rainbow Attunement
Breath - into the wave of the Breath and into the Peace.
Open your solar plexus and feel your Heart breathing with you.
Feel the magnificence of the Divine Love within your Heart breathing with you.
Then let yourself go into the wave of the Breath and into the Peace.
Be aware of the Rhythm of Peace and let your mind define its presence in your body.
Feel the Rhythm of Joy begin to flow through your being, like a gentle smile of sunshine.
Perceive the Rhythms of Harmony filling your being, like the warm rosy glow of fulfillment.
Embrace the radiance of the Divne Love within as it emanates from your Heart through your being,
And declare, "The magnificence of Peace, Joy, Harmony and Divine Love
exists, expresses and manifests in and through me. And so it is".

This Month's Declaration: "Each day I choose to acknowledge and express the Divine Love within me. I fill myself with Peace, Joy and Harmony to awaken and enhance the Rainbow of Divine Love within me. This vibration resonates out to the consciousness of the Earth to uplift and bring forth positive shift within humanity and my world. And so it is."

Journey into the kaleidoscope of the magnificence of Divine Love within you.
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