Divine Rhythm of Harmony

The Divine Rhythm of Harmony
(and Divine Rhythm of Harmony Attunement)
by Ann Marie Work
  The Divine Rhythm of Harmony is the rhythm of your passion for life. It is a full, vital movement of energy which comes from the very core of your being. As this energy moves through your body, its warmth lights the fires of life, love and empowerment on a cellular level and rekindles the flames of rejuvenation, regeneration and creativity.
   As it moves through your circulatory system, it activates the element of life within your blood to embrace every cell with renewed stamina and vitality. It activates the glands to restore, align and balance the energy systems of the body restoring order, organization and structure within your being.
   Have you ever noticed that when you get excited about something or you are focusing on one of your passions for life, you stand a little straighter and taller? This is the Divine Rhythm of Harmony moving through your spine and skeletal structure. Your passion for life energizes you, increases your metabolism and decreases your appetite. It puts a smile in your heart and spring in your step. It fills you with the sense of fulfillment and purpose.
The Divine Rhythm of Harmony is the rhythm of manifestation and fulfillment. You find the Divine Rhythm of Harmony by focusing on your passions for life.
   When you focus on your passion for life, the Divine Rhythm of Harmony moves through your being expressing your magnificence from the inside out. The energy patterns created by this movement, magnetically attract the desires of your heart into your world. This magnetism is called manifestation. Without it, there is disparity and limitation. The Divine Rhythm of Harmony is a dance of life where the creative energy of the feminine and the order and organization of the masculine come together to create the celebration of life.
   As you move into the Divine Rhythm of Harmony, visualize the desires of your heart and focus on how you would like them to manifest. List these desires in a journal and return to this visualization often. Each time you move in the Divine Rhythm of Harmony you open windows of opportunity for manifestation to happen. Each time you move into anger, rage or disappointment you nullify and close these windows.

The Divine Rhythm of Harmony opens the windows of opportunity to manifest your desires.
As you move in the Divine Rhythm of Harmony you:

  • Support the physical heart and proper blood flow through the body.
  • Restore the order and structure of your body.
  • Adjust and align your tailbone, relaxing the spine, hips and pelvis.
  • Awaken and put forth intentions for your passions in life.
  • Open windows of opportunity to put your thoughts into action.
  • Transmute and remove blocks and limitations in life.
  • Trust yourself to call forth and accept manifestation of your desires.
  • Restore order, structure and organization to all areas of life.
  • Create the magnetic attractions for those things you desire.
  • Embrace the fulfillment and empowerment of your truth.
Harmonic Liquid Formula "Harmony" was created to
assist in inspiring and amplifying your natural
Rhythm of Harmony.
Harmony is the essence of empowerment.

   Harmony is designed to stimulate the natural movement of harmonic energy within the energy centers and blood.
   The heart and glands are energy centers. Imbalances in these energy centers lead to physical imbalances in mineral absorption and hormone distribution, creating emotional distress and premature aging.
   Harmony enhances natural balance to the body's energy centers of the heart and glandular systems..

Harmony energetically assists in:
  • The restoration of balance and vitality to the glandular and circulatory systems.
  • Enhancing inner strength, determination and confidence - self-esteem.
  • Releasing embedded disharmonic emotional patterns of anger, disappointment, limitation, emptiness, emotional distress.
  • Enhancing in releasing of chronic patterns of degeneration and aging.
  • Harmonizing emotions to awaken your passions for life, empowerment and fulfillment.
Try this for one month and see how it may change your life!
4 times a day - place 5 drops Harmony under your tongue or in water
plus put 1 drop inside each of your shoes or on the soles of your feet.

Other Suggested Use:
To promote a restful sleep: Place 5 drops under your tongue at bedtime.
To relieve the stress of hot flashes: Add 5 drops to a glass of water and sip.
Energetically help to restore skin tissues: Use directly on wrinkles, age spots - add to cream or lotion.

"I stand on my feet all day. I put Harmony in my shoes. Amazing - my feet and legs stopped hurting!" J.I.
"I was having a hot flash. I drank a glass of water with 5 drops Harmony. Before I could finish, the hot flash was gone." J.L.

Note: Results are not necessarily the same for all individuals as each person's energy and lifestyle are different.

Harmonic Products do not treat or cure disease, they work with the energies of the body. For diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, see a health care professional.


Moving into the Divine Rhythm of Harmony

An Attunement by Ann Marie Work
Turn on soft, beautiful music.
Sit upright on a firm chair, so your back is a few inches from the back of the chair.
    And begin to gently rock back and forth.
Pay attention to your breathing.
You can feel your lungs expanding and contracting as you inhale and exhale.
Now imagine your whole body breathing with you
    and let yourself go into the waves of the Breath and into the Peace.
As you focus on your heart breathing with you into the waves of the Breath, focus on the word fulfillment.
Perceive the radiant glow filling your heart, emanating out to the edge of your skin from head to toe.
Perceive this glow gently expanding through your chest, moving on the waves of the Breath:
    Across your shoulders,
    Down your arms,
    Into your hands and fingers,
    Up your neck and into the center of your head,
    Across your face, in your eyes,
    Through your mouth, jaw and neck,
    Cascading down your spine, through your back and into your tailbone,
    Embracing your hips and pelvic cradle,
    Moving through your thighs and legs,
    And into your feet and toes.
    Then up into your abdomen
    And back to your heart.
Perceive the radiance breathing with you from head to toe.
Say the word Harmony in your mind and let your body begin to move into the Waves of the Breath
    and into the dance of Harmony.
The Divine Rhythm of Harmony exists within you, it always has and it always will.
    It is your choice to be connected to it or not.
    Like a beautiful smile, an effervescent glow of illumination, it pulses through your being.
Focusing on your passion for life, in the Divine Rhythm of Harmony, creates an exquisite moment of profound revelation
    opening the magnetic attraction to draw the desires of your heart into your life.
As you perceive the radiance of Harmony moving through your body define what this Rhythm feels like
    using harmonic adjectives such as fulfillment, magnificent, supportive, powerful, etc.
Then dance in the Divine Rhythm of Harmony
    as you perceive this magnificent glow of life moving through your being from the inside out.
    As you embrace this Rhythm proclaim, "I accept the magnificence of the Divine Rhythm of Harmony within me".

Proclaim, "I accept and embrace the magnificent Divine Rhythm of Harmony which flows through me".
Harmonic Attunements and Harmonic Products do not treat or cure disease, they enhance the energies of the body.
For diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions and disease, contact a health care professional.
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