"Proclamations of the Soul" by Rich Work

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386 page book

"Proclamations of the Soul"
by Rich Work

Proclamations of the Soul" is a masterpiece dedicated
to all those who are committed to create change within their lives.

Give the gift of life, peace, joy and contentment to yourself!

Within the book "Proclamations of the Soul", Rich Work offers you the opportunity to:

  • Express your intent to be well, whole and perfect in mind, body and soul.
  • Align and balance your energies.
  • Declare your free-will choice and transmute interfering energies.
  • Let go of laws and judgments.
  • Transmute fears.
  • Declare your value and self-worth.
  • Transmute addictions and grief.
  • Release boundaries and limitations.
  • Forgive yourself and others, sever bonds and release burdens.
  • Reclaim your power and establish new patterns.
  • And much, much more!
Proclamations of the Soul is here to assist those who choose to
move beyond drama, fear, judgment and limitation
into a world where Peace, Joy and Harmony prevail.

The healing begins when you give yourself permission to allow change by declaring your intent

This book takes you on a healing journey which starts with the following proclamations:

Declaring My Intent
It is my intent to be well, whole and perfect
in mind, body and soul.
And so it is.

Aligning My Energies
From the Divine Love that flows within my Being.
I command that all my energies be aligned in Divine Perfection.
And so it is.

Establishing Intent to Move Forward
Whatever is interfering with my Free-Will Choice,
and my ability to move forward in my life
according to my Heart's Desires,
I cholose to embrace into Unconditonal Love.
And so it is.

This amazingly powerful book is a "must" for anyone serious about understanding and embracing the simplicity of healing.

Excerpt from "Proclamations of the Soul" by Rich Work
The Golden Light of Transformation


  Tools come to us according to our consciousness. There was a time when the consciousness was such that some people could understand herbs. As consciousness opened further, others could accept homeopathics. Still later, many could embrace flower essences and essential oils. Now, as consciousness continues to expand, many can understand, accept and experience the Harmonic Vibrational Essences, a pure, full-spectrum, high-vibrational energy that assists in raising the flow and amplitude of the life-force energy in all life forms to which it is applied. (See Harmonic Vibrational Essences, page 384.)

  The same is true for all tools of healing and transformation. As humanity stood in fear and judgment, asking for a tool to protect them, it was suggested that they put up walls of light to protect them from harmful energies. The tool was appropriate in the moment: however, a wall is a wall, and it became a limitation standing in the way of growth.

  As we expand our consciousness, becoming aware of all that we are, we desire to grow without limitation. This proclamation  allows us to trade the walls of limitation for the Golden Light of Transformation. It is a catalyst to ignite the golden spark that connects each person to Creation, a spark that will illuminate and fill your energy field with the Golden Light of Transformation. Any energy that enters this Golden Light, regardless of its origin or intent, will be instantly transmuted into the divine expression of Creative Love. It is how Masters remain unaffected by the surrounding disharmonic energies as they walk upon the Earth.


The Golden Light

of Transformation


From the Divine Love that flows within my Being,

I am prepared and I accept

the full integration of my Divinity

throughout my Being.

I acknowledge and honor all parts of my Being

that have supported my journey

in my physical experience,

and I transmute those thought forms

which no longer serve me

into Unconditional Love.


I transmute all energies

that would interfere with my ability

to declare my freedom and proclaim my Divinity,

into the divine expression of Creative Love,

and activate the Golden Light of Transformation

throughout the totality of all that I am.

And so it is.

Altered Aspects of Our Being

Energies that have been manipulated or altered can also interfere with our free-will choice. These areas will be included together in one beautiful, flowing proclamation.

Transmuting Altered Aspects of My Being

From the Divine Love that flows within my Being,
I command anything in my auric field
interfering with my Free-Will Choice--
whether it has been placed there
with or without my permission,
be it thought forms, monitors or restrictions in any form--
and all energies attached to this interference
at any level of my Being, be transmuted
into the divine expression of Creative Love.

I call forth anything that has been severed
or altered in any form,
at any level of my Being,
to be transmuted into its
divine expression of Creative Love
and reconnected and aligned in Divine Perfection
and embraced into my Oneness.

I call forth the Energy Cord of Life
that attaches my soul to all other souls
and all shadows that lie within it.
I ask that you forgive and honor me
as I forgive and honor you.
I embrace you in Love
and I thank you for the lessons we have shared.
I now choose to embrace all bonds between us
in Unconditional Love.
I now transmute those shadows
into Unconditional Love
and embrace them
into the divine expression of Creative Love.
And so it is.
  "Proclamations of the Soul offers an exciting new realm of possibilities. It opens doors and expands horizons. I found myself drawn into the proclamations with wonderful results. It empowers us to realize our fullest potential and walk our path with health, power and love. Rich's integrity and intent shine through this concise and well-written book. Thank you for your beautiful work." -Dr. Heather Anne Harder

   "Proclamations of the Soul, an-easy-to follow, in-depth series of powerful proclamations designed to move your life forward. Rich Work has created another powerful addition to the libraries of those wanting to create real change in their life. Recommended reading for those living consciously." -Cynthia Cross

   "It is here -- it is time. Proclamations of the Soul is the doorway to self, to realizing harmony, realizing peace, realizing love. It is a peaceful healing that you truly create for you. These proclamations are the doorway. I choose to open the door...no process to Love, it just is. Here it is for you to choose. Thank you. It is truly a magical gift to bring forth to us at this time."  -Catalina Rodriguez


Note: Results are not necessarily the same for all individuals as each person's energy and lifestyle are different.

Harmonic Products do not treat or cure disease, they work with the energies of the body. For diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, see a health care professional.

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Proclamations of the Soul by Rich Work $60.00


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