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gemstone attached to a chain with a medallion

Amethyst or Rose Quartz or Clear Quartz Pendulum

Hangs on a chain attached to a medallion that contains the Harmonic Logo
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from "Awaken to the Healer Within" by Rich Work
Everything is energy and all energy resonates at a frequency. The brain processes everything as a frequency and then categorizes, files and compares it so that we may have knowledge of the world we live in. The life-force energy system within each person has an individual frequency which all other frequencies can affect in one of three ways:
  • They can enhance your energy
  • They can deplete your energy.
  • They are compatible (will neither benefit nor deplete your energies).
As you increase those frequencies that will enhance you and eliminate those that deplete you, you will raise your level of wellness and your symptoms will begin to disappear.

Penduling, dowsing with a pendulum, is using the "life-magnet" that is present throughout the body to determine how specific frequencies affect you. A pendulum works with the body's polarity system, creating either a resistance or an attraction, similar to demonstrations with magnets. When two like poles are brought together, they repel; opposite poles attract and are drawn together.

Using the life-force energy that goes up the left arm, across the shoulders and down the right arm, your brain will send out different energy patterns. These patterns can be used to indicate the enhancement or incompatibility of any substance. This provides a valuable tool to access your inner knowing and assist you in creating a positive internal and external environment for your Healing. It is like receiving a computer print out from your brain.

Become aware of the life-force energy in your arm circuit. Start by holding your hands (palms facing each other) about four inches apart, then swiftly but gently move them in and out in a bouncing motion, as though you intend to clap your hands, but do not allow your hands to touch each other. Do this until you feel the energy building between them. This energy may feel like a tingling, a soft breeze, a warmth between your hands. Different people perceive it differently. This energy is sufficient to create the movement of your pendulum.

Now hold the medallion on chain of your pendulum between the positive, negative and neutral poles of your dominant hand (if you are right-handed, use your right hand). Raise your elbow comfortably away from your body, your hand should drop down so that your three fingers holding the pendulum will point straight down.

Hold the indicator (stone) of the pendulum above your POSITIVE (+)  middle finger of the opposite hand (it has a positive magnetic charge) and say, "This is my positive pattern." Your focus should be on your finger, not on the indicator. You may want to write down exactly which direction the indicator is swinging for each of the patterns.

Next, hold the indicator over your NEGATIVE (-) index finger and say, "This is my negative pattern."

Repeat this procedure with the NEUTRAL thumb.

Once you have (consistently) recognized what your personal patterns are, you are ready to determine if the frequencies of different substances are compatible with, or will enhance your body's bio-magnetic frequency.

To check an item, hold the pendulum over an item you are holding in your other hand and state, "This is compatible with my body". If you receive a negative pattern (showing that it is incompatible), you may wish to avoid this substance. If the pattern is positive, it is compatible. Now check to see if it will enhance your energy by stating, "This enhances my body." If you receive a positive pattern, you may wish to utilize this substance to enhance your life-force energy. When you check foods or supplements and receive a positive response, you may wish to check for the quantity that will enhance you the most.

Note: This tool may be used effectively for the purpose for which it is taught. It may take time before your indicator begins to move. Relax. Check where your elbow is. Refocus and try it again. Do not focus so hard that you hold your breath. This will stop the movement of the pendulum. Breathe. Some people believe that I am making the pendulum move because my hand moves. Remember, the energy pattern is coming down your arm from your brain, so if you relax your hand enough, you will be able to feel the energy actually move your hand. Forcing your hand to stay still will stop the energy flow, stopping the pendulum. Relax.

If you feel you are getting erratic answers or incorrect answers, there may be interfering energies in your energy field. These energies may be cleared using Proclamations from "The Veils of Illusion" by Rich Work.

It is unsupportive to pendal another's energy without their permission. You will inevitably receive incorrect answers.

Items you may wish to pendal:
  • Laundry detergent (the residual energy may remain on your laundry, therefore, you will wear it and sleep in it)
  • Water and beverages (many bottled water and beverages are very acidic and not conducive to a healthy body)
  • All food throughout the day (certain foods may be more supportive at different times of the day and in different combinations)
  • Food supplements (pendul quantity and combination for maximum support)
  • Toiletries and makeup
  • Your clothing (check tags on clothing, they may carry the energies of the company that created them)
  • Sheets and blankets (you want to be nestled in a positive energy as you sleep - also think positive thoughts before sleep - see Harmonic Synchronistic Attunement)
  • Colors (Colors have a powerful effect on you. The color that you wear closest to your hypothalamus (a gland located in your head) has the greatest influence. A wonderful, inexpensive form of color therapy is to have several different colored pillowcases from which to choose so that each night you can find the one that most enhances you.).

Note: Results are not necessarily the same for all individuals as each person's energy and lifestyle are different.
Harmonic Products do not treat or cure disease, they work with the energies of the body. For diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, see a health care professional.

Amethyst, Rose Quartz or Clear Quartz Pendulum $35.00 ea.
Type in your color choice in the Customer Comments section when checking out.


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