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Actual Size: 1 1/4" wide x 6" long bronze acrylic.

All Harmonic Products work together to enhance health and rejuvenation.
Harmonic Liberators assist to harmonize disharmonic energies that are lodged in the inner recesses of the cells and systems of the body.
This unique concept in technology works with the movement of energy within an individual's basic energy field.

Disharmonic energies exist in the body due to negative experiences and thoughts, hereditary defects, airborne frequencies, and environmental toxins.
They become lodged in the inner recesses of the cells and systems when the body's energy is too weak to release and change them into a harmonic form.
These trapped, disharmonic energies continuously create imbalances in your physical and mental existence, undermining your entire level of wellness by harboring toxins and slowing down the movement of energy within the body.
The Liberators assist in releasing these deeply embedded disharmonic energies or frequencies from the cells and changes them into a harmonic form, activating the lymph system, allowing the toxins to be released into the blood stream to be expelled from the body.

Life Changing!  
Chances are you have heard someone say that a particular disease "runs in the family". Health Professionals estimate hundreds of imbalanced energies handed down via heredity can have a negative influence on your health.
Your body is constantly working hard to make sure these imbalances don't get out of control and bring into reality what "runs in the family".
The Liberators break up and move out those frequencies that hold your body in a state of constant vigil, allowing it to focus on rejuvenation and healing.

"I slept with a breathing machine for sleep apnea. After 1 week with the Liberators, I put the machine away and am sleeping normally. After 3 weeks I was able to stabilize my blood sugar with only 2 insulin shots a day. My whole attitude about life has changed." V.L.


This unique concept in technology works with the movement of energy within one person's basic energy field. The structure of atoms varies from one person to another. Imbalances in each person is different and depends upon the amount of disharmonic frequencies in their energy systems from heredity, the environment, trauma and their own personal negative emotions.

The amplification of harmonic waveforms from the Liberators adjusts to the movement within one individual's specific energy field.


The Liberators assist to create subtle, positive changes in a natural sequence as they attune to an individual's specific energy.

Easy to Use!

An amazing technique that works with your energy while you sleep!

Each pair is to be used by ONE individual - not shared.

(Complete instructions and use are included and also listed below.)

Using the Liberators

The movement of energy within a person's basic energy field and within their atomic structure varies tremendously from one person to the next. Imbalances in a person's systems are directly related to the amount of disharmonic frequencies in their energy systems from heredity, the environment, trauma and their own personal negative emotions. The amplification of the harmonic waveforms adjusts to the movement within this energy field. Therefore, the Liberators adjust to each individual as they are being used and should never be shared with another person.

Before putting them in your bed, adjust the amplitude of the Liberators

to the movement of your energy:

  • Hold one column in each hand for about 20 minutes. Just sit and relax.
  • You may read or listen to soft music, but not over stimulating music or TV.
  • You want them to adjust to your energy in a relaxed state.
  • Focus on your intentions. Use the power of your mind to set your course of healing.
  • Place one column at the head and one column at the foot of the bed. (columns pointing outward, not towards your body) You may want to place each column inside a sock and pin each to the sheet or top of the mattress to secure them. Do not place them under the mattress or on the floor by the bed. If part of your pillow lays on the column at the head of the bed, that's ok.
  • If there are two people sleeping in the same bed, the Liberators should be placed on your side of the bed, not the middle. They are designed to adjust to only one person's energy.
  • Using the Liberators only while you sleep allows the body's natural intelligence to stabilize and gain strength when you are awake.
  • If a person is bedridden, they may stay in them 24 hours a day.
Note:It may take 1 or 2 nights for them to totally adjust to your energy field. If you feel hyper as you lay between them, it is a sign that they are too strong and should be adjusted immediately as instructed above.

If someone takes a nap on your bed, the Liberators will not be affected for that short period of time. There will be a mild to no effect for the person.
However, if a guest is sleeping in your bed, the Liberators should be removed.
If someone has slept in your bed overnight and you forgot to take the Liberators out, they can be cleared.
To clear the Liberators, set the columns side by side, tight against each other for 24 hours. Then readjust them to your energy as noted above.

Commonly asked questions:

What can I expect? The body will go through cycles of enhancing and balancing your energy, then cleaning out disharmonic energies. When a disharmonic energy is released, the toxins that are anchored to that energy will release into the bodily fluids. You may feel tired, sluggish or achy for a day or so until they clear from the body, then feel better than before.

How long do I need to use the Liberators? Your body has been stressed throughout life. The cleansing of imbalanced energies is individual and because of the constant subjection to external stress and toxins, a person may take up to 6 months to notice dramatic long term changes in their health. You may continue to use the Liberators for several years.

Can the Liberators be used by more than one person? No. The amplification will adjust to your movement of energy. Therefore, they are designed to only work with one person. They will have a gentle, but mild affect on the energy of another person sleeping in the same bed. To have a full experience, each person will want their own set of Liberators.

Will they affect my cat or dog that sleeps with me? They will have a mild, positive affect on the energy of your pets.

Note: The Liberators can be cleared and given to another person. Lay the Liberators, long sides tight together for 24 hours, then have the other person use them according to the instructions included with the Liberators. We do not recommend clearing and passing them on to another person unless you have used them for a very lengthy period of time to get the full benefit from them.


I was diagnosed with Hepatitis Cfive years ago and today it is gone. My doctor called it a miracle. I began using the Liberators for 9 months. I had been using prayer, Harmonic Formulas, Harmonic Activators, Proclamations, with emotional and DNA therapy, circuits and patterns and aroma-therapy. The Liberators were the final piece that made the difference. In addition, after 20 years, I was able to give up Xanes for anxiety. I have become empowered and I thank you for the work you do. M.M.

Since Vietnam with Agent Orange,for 33 years I experienced pain and joint deterioration. Using drugs and alcohol to ease the pain, I could only sleep an hour a night. After 1 week using the Liberators I slept through the night pain free and stopped using drugs and alcohol with no withdrawal symptoms. I used to pray to die, now I look forward to living. (anonymous)

My 2 year old had continuous seizures. Doctors were unable to figure out why or what to do. After 1 month in the Liberators, her condition has greatly improved. I felt I could not afford them, now I realize they are priceless. C.O.

I am 72 and in perfect health.What I have noticed most from the Liberators is the appearance of my skin, new hair growth, more creative energy, the need for less sleep and the over all flexibility and vitality of my body. I realize that I have a new attitude about my body. D.W.

I am amazed how my life has changed in just two months. Diagnosed with a rare condition known as a fatty liver, it was impossible to eat any fat without spasms and pain. Within 1 week with the Liberators, the liver pain was gone. I now consume 2 spoons of oil a day with no pain. For 12 years my skin has bruised excessively. Last week I noticed there was not a single bruise on my body. My sleeping patterns have improved and I feel energized in the morning. E.H.

Note: Results are not necessarily the same for all individuals as each person's energy and lifestyle are different. Harmonic Products do not treat or cure disease, they work with the energies of the body. For diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, see a health care professional.

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