Harmonic Energy is the foundation of everything in our universe.

Science agrees
that everything is energy. You can neither create energy nor can you destroy it, you can only change its form. As energy moves, it is perceived as a waveform. Energy moving in a constructive, creative way is referred to as harmonic -- Energy moving in a distorted, destructive way is disharmonic. By changing the movement of the energy, a disharmonic waveform can be transformed or harmonized to its harmonic state.

You live in a world where harmonic and disharmonic energies exist side by side. Every day you make choices - in the food you eat, the water you drink, the thoughts you think and everything you come in contact with, affecting your energy on a physical, mental and emotional level. Disharmonic energy creates imbalances within your energy field - degenerating your body and devitalizing your life. Harmonic energy enhances the natural function of your body - rejuvenating your being and vitalizing your life.

Genetic studies tell us the human species should live a vital life for 120 years or more. However, disharmonic energy patterns in your energy field can create constrictions in the flow of energy affecting the movement of fluids within your body. Stagnation in the fluids in and around the cells decreases the cells ability to receive nutrients and eliminate toxins. A build up of disharmonic toxins contributes to cellular breakdown, degeneration and premature aging. As you harmonize accumulated disharmonic energies, the body's natural intelligence begins to remove the constrictions, awakening the body's natural innate ability to heal itself, restoring vitality on the cellular level.


Whenever energy is moving, it is in a waveform. All energy has frequency and resonance in a waveform. The study of bio-resonance has shown that waveforms can and do effect other waveforms. By selecting specific waveforms, a desired effect can be made on other waveforms. With Ann Marie's natural ability to perceive how one waveform affects another, she developed a series of harmonizing liquids and acrylic products to assist herself in raising her level of wellness and restoring her health. These products are now available through Harmonics International.

Harmonic Products

The Harmonic Products contain harmonic waveforms to harmonize disharmonic energy patterns and assist in raising ones overall level of wellness. Each of the Harmonic Products is designed to restore the movement of the body's natural flow of energy in a specific area, to assist in restoring its natural harmonic state of being. In general they all:
  • Stimulate and enhance life-force energy.
  • Transform or harmonize disharmonic energies.
  • Assist in restoring harmony and balance.
Harmonic Liquid Formulas

The key ingredient in each formula is a full spectrum of harmonic waveforms infused in a crystalline liquid, held in a base of energized restructured hexagonal water. Each liquid crystal formula is designed to assist a specific aspect of well-being.

The liquid formulas have been concentrated for use as drops rather than spoonfuls. Small 1/2 oz. bottles are available, making it easy to carry them with you. The 1/2 oz. bottles contain about 300 drops, the 2 oz. bottles contain about 1200 drops. You will discover that a little goes a long way.

Harmonic Acrylic Products

A specific Acrylic was chosen for these products because of its unique molecular structure and its ability to hold a specific set of Harmonic frequencies indefinitely without change or influence from the external environment. All of the acrylics, except the Liberators, never need to be cleansed, even when passed from one person to another. Refer to the instructions for specific use.
Each acrylic piece contains specific waveforms to assist with a specific purpose and continually amplifies those waveforms out into the energy field around them. Example: The Liberators amplify waveforms through your energy field as you sleep with them at night.

Several years ago, products were developed to support personal healing. The concept and understanding of these products began to gain popularity and were expanded to become available worldwide.

As people share their stories with us, we receive new and exciting ways to use the products. So pay attention to the testimonies and see how others have used them to assist themselves, their families and their pets. Someone said, "By using the products in different ways it is like having hundreds of different formulas in just a few bottles." Please feel free to send us your story, so we may continue to evolve our understanding of these magnificent products.