Universal Harmonic Protocol & Cellular Enhancement Program Package 2 oz.

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Universal Harmonic Protocol
(Using Harmonic Liquid AWAKEN, Peace, Joy, Harmony, Manna)
Presenting, one of the most powerful programs we have ever introduced!
I have always professed the simplicity of healing, however, the world we live in does not always support a harmonic environment to help make this possible. As human beings, we have sometimes lost the power of positive thinking that encourages the harmonic flow of energy - "Rainbow of Life" within our existence and the simplicity of healing has become not so simple - until now! It is with great enthusiasm and excitement that I present this program - designed to assist you in energetically unfolding and integrating the Breath of Life and the Rainbow of Life throughout your being 24 hours a day! ---the Editor

   This Universal Harmonic Protocol is designed to provide an energetic homeostasis of harmony and balance, restoring the Breath of Life and Rainbow of Life. It uses the Harmonic Formulas of AWAKEN, Peace, Joy, Harmony and Manna, and Proclamations from "Proclamations of the Soul" by Rich Work.
We discovered, the Protocol will assist in holding the Rainbow of Life in the energy field for about 12 hours in the beginning, therefore most do it twice a day, once in the morning and again in the evening. Gradually this time extends. For some, it takes 21 days before it will hold 24 hours, for others it may take 42 days. The determining factor will be the stress level and specific traumas during the day. For example, on a very traumatic day, I used the Protocol 3 times. On a very calm harmonic, joyful day, I only used it once.
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Cellular Enhancement Program
 Follow these suggestions for 21 days:

1. Make a special Harmonized Water to support and assist the body:
          To a 16 oz. bottle of water, add 2 drops
Peace, plus 5 drops each of
AWAKEN,  Manna, Joy, and Harmony.
          Drink 2 or 3 of these 16 oz. bottles of Harmonized Water per day.

2. Fill a spritzer with Harmonized Water (above) and spritz the palms of your hands
    and the soles of your feet twice a day. You may spritz your car, furniture,
    bedding, plants, pets, etc.

3. Suggestions to optimize cellular enhancement:

- Put 4 drops Joy in beverages other than Harmonized Water.
- Place 5 drops of Manna on food.
- Put 2 drops
AWAKEN on sheets every night before you go to bed.
- Put a drop of
Harmony on the sole of each foot or in each shoe daily.
- Put 5 drops of
Peace in wash water when laundering clothing and bedding.

4. Optional indulgence:
Take a bath or foot bath using 5 drops ea. AWAKEN, Manna, Peace,
  Joy and Harmony.
Universal Harmonic Protocol & Cellular Enhancement Program Package 2 oz. 
(Includes all Harmonic Products required to participate in each of the programs.)
  Harmonic liquids: 2 oz. each of AWAKEN, Peace, Joy, Harmony, Manna
Harmonic Protocols and Harmonic Products do not treat or cure disease, they enhance the energies of the body.
For diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions and disease, contact a health care professional.
The content of the Universal Harmonic Protocol was created from research and the personal energetic observations by the editor.
Also available in 1/2 oz. size.
Package 2 oz $375.00 (Includes 1 each of AWAKEN, Peace, Joy, Harmony, Manna)


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