Pre-Mixed Triad Opal, Ebony, AWAKEN 1/2 oz.

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Triad Pre-mixed In a Bottle!
Opal, Ebony, AWAKEN
All three LIQUID Harmonic Formulas
in one Cobalt Blue Glass Dropper Bottle

Inspire and Amplify your Harmonic energy to support
the transformation of disharmonic, disruptive energies into a Harmonic state.

 (We consider this Triad so important, that we have pre-mixed it and put it all together in a 2 oz. bottle and a 1/2 oz. bottle so it is easy to take.)

     Taking Opal, Ebony and AWAKEN together as a Triad has an amazing effect on the strength and amplification of the Life-force energy within to support the clearing and cleansing efforts of toxins and the dysfunctional frequencies:
  • The energies of digital technology may add frequency to our energy field, hindering the body's ability to function properly.
  • The airborne pollution from Chemtrails and other chemicals are also making it very difficult for out bodies to function properly.

   The Rhythms of Life are the tangible elements of your actions and interactions with everything in your life. The foundational harmonic or disharmonic movement of each Rhythm creates a blueprint for your emotional patterns and reactions, your core issues and struggles in life, your physical strengths and challenges, and even your desires and drive to accomplish various tasks.

   How each single rhythm is expressed in and throughout is how the rest of the world sees you, how you feel about yourself and from what perspective you come from in making all of your decisions, thoughts and actions in life.

   Connecting with the Harmonic Rhythms of the Rainbow of Life within you, transforms the disharmonic
rhythms and patterns within you to bring forth the qualities of peace, joy and fulfillment you desire in your health and wellness, finances, job, creative projects and relationships.

Four of the Harmonic Liquid Formulas inspire a full Spectrum of Harmonic Energy - a Rainbow of Harmonic Energy within.

Each works from a different point of reference
and focus to enhance the body's ability to increase and utilize the Rainbow of Life-Force Energy (The Breath of Life) throughout you.

AWAKEN works with the electromagnetic body, waking up the movement of the Breath of Life and the Rainbow of Life through the body. Amplify the resonance of your Divine Essence to AWAKEN the full potential of every cell in your body:
  • Take drops under your tongue or in water as desired throughout the day.
OPAL works to restore the Breath of Life and the Rainbow within the meridian system and the major centers within the energy body. Harmonizing energy blockages to enhance the flow of life-force energy and the body's natural healing ability:
  • Take 20 drops under your tongue or in water 2 times a day or as desired.
EBONY helps to align negative energies in the body back into their original harmonic Rainbow form and releases stagnation and disharmonic energies back into the movement of the Breath of Life to be harmonized and released. Harmonize the accumulated affects of stress from degeneration and disease:
  • Take 10-20 drops under your tongue or in water a.m. and p.m. as desired.
Before or after Chemotherapy or Radiation take 50 drops Ebony + 50 drops Opal under tongue or in 2 oz. water.

assists in restoring the Breath of Life at the cellular wall and works to integrate the Rainbow of Life at a cellular level. To help rebuild damaged tissues and release the accumulated affects of stress:
  • Take drops under your tongue or in water, use in a bath or foot bath, facial, body wrap.

Strengthen and amplify the Life-force energy within to support the clearing and cleansing efforts of toxins and dysfunctional frequencies:

Suggested Use - Take drops of this Pre-Mixed Triad of Opal, Ebony and AWAKEN under your tongue or in purified water as often as desired.

Use all four individually as suggested above for additional support.

If you are unsure about ordering online, call 800-243-6156 or 715-355-8515 and someone will help you with your purchase.
Read more about Harmonic Liquid Formulas.

This Pre-Mixed Triad also available in 2 oz. size.

Note: Results are not necessarily the same for all individuals as each person's energy and lifestyle are different.
Harmonic Products do not treat or cure disease, they work with the energies of the body. For diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, see a health care professional.


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