Harmonic Product ATTUNEMENTS

Why Attunements?

Attunements are for the purpose of attuning or aligning the cells in the body back to their natural body rhythms. Throughout the course of time, due to the stresses of the dramas and traumas of our life we begin to hold our breath throughout the body, altering the natural rhythms of the cells and the systems.

As the systems of the body adjust to an altered condition, the body responds by adjusting its patterns and soon we discover the effectiveness of normal processes are being affected. The cells, systems and the body as a whole begin to degenerate and age before their time.

What seems to be a complicated system of adjustments required to correct this situation is only the simplicity of returning the breath of life back to the cells of the body and they merely adjust themselves.

Let me repeat: What appears to be complicated becomes very simple when we recognize that the catalyst of all degeneration is the stagnation created when parts of the body are separated from the breath of life.

The breath of life is the movement that allows nutrients to enter a cell, toxins to be released and the cell to be replicated according to its perfect blueprint.

We and we alone are responsible for our healing.

The breath of life becomes connected or disconnected according to our actions. Stress of any kind separates us from the breath of life. Attunements reconnect us to it.

For each cell to maintain or reach its full potential, it must be connected to the breath of life, empower you to align your body's cells and systems back into their natural rhythms and out of the distorted patterns of dysfunction and premature aging.