Breath of Life Rejuvenator

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Harmonic Breath of Life Rejuvenator
(2 1/2"x2 1/2"x 3/8" square colored engraved acrylic)

Reconnect to the flow of Life Ions within Creation -
the Universal Life Force - the fluid Universal Breath of Life!

Rejuvenate the Breath of Life in your body, mind and emotions.

  • Harmonize angular, toxic disharmonic energy back to the fluid ionic wave of positive Life Force energy.
  • Harmonize irregular wave patterns in neurotransmitters of the brain and nervous system, while restoring and synchronizing the body's natural pulses and rhythms.
  • Dismantle disharmonic energy grids of limitation, suppression and disempowerment to restore motivation, upliftment, freedom and empowerment throughout your being.

The respiration of the Breath of Life between you and the Life Force Energy of Divine Love within Creation may be more important than oxygen itself!

   The Breath of Life is the inhale and exhale of "ions of life", that have been in the Universe since the beginning of time. Scientists and those working with quantum physics are just now discovering this element of life, photon energy, that has not until recently been measured and quantified; but is now believed to be the basis of life itself - the element of vitality and rejuvenation that can explain the power of spiritual healing and wholeness.

Suggested Uses:
Personal Rejuvenating Techniques - place the Breath of Life Rejuvenator:
   A.    Over Heart Center - to transform and harmonize interfering harmful energies while restoring Life Ions in the blood and tissues within the heart.
   B.    Over a chakra, energy center of the body or acupuncture point ? to transform and harmonize disharmonic energetic interference and restore the flow of Life Ions in proper rotation and balance.
   C.    Over any distressed part of the body - to transform and harmonize energy fields and reduce discomfort.
   D.    To increase the rejuvenation process: place your fingertips on the Rejuvenator while it is placed on the body. This assists in harmonizing and restoring the energy meridians, increasing the flow of Life Ions throughout your cells and systems throughout the body.
   E.    In addition, a drop or 2 of a Harmonic Liquid Formula of your choice can be placed on top of the Rejuvenator.
      a.    Harmonic Opal or Harmonic Peace are always good choices.
      b.    The formula matching the chakra color or energy center is also good.
Examples: Harmonic Intuition on the Rejuvenator over the 3rd eye.
          Harmonic Harmony on the Rejuvenator over the tailbone
NOTE: Use as desired but not continually all day or night as this may cause excessive cleansing.

Create an ever-expanding "Photon Fountain" of harmonizing Life Ions
for your body, home and environment with the
NEW Harmonic Breath of Life Rejuvenator!

Environmental Rejuvenating
Use the four columns of the Environmental Harmonizer plus the Breath of Life Rejuvenator:
   Place the four columns of the Environmental Harmonizer together with a logo facing outward in each direction. Band together. Then place the Breath of Life Rejuvenator on top. The harmonizers create a vortex of energy to encompass your home and carry the Life Ions and harmonizing energies of the Breath of Life Rejuvenator throughout your environment.

   As energies in your environment begin to clear and harmonize, the sphere of Life Ions "Photon Fountain" enlarges. Within a few weeks this sphere may expand to include and cover your home, yard and everything in it - people, pets, plants, water and electrical systems and appliances, etc.
   At first, you may desire to place this next to your bed at night, to enhance and harmonize your being while you sleep. During the day, move it to the center of your house.
    You may also desire to add a Harmonic Vitalizer between the Environmental Harmonizer and the Breath of Life Rejuvenator:
  ---  to speed up the process of Harmonizing the destructive foreign angular particles and grids within your energetic bodies which have come from the cyber digital technology, WIFI, ELF, HAARP, chemtrails and Morgellons.  See  - Vitalizer, for more information.

Personal Rejuvenating
Use the Breath of Life Rejuvenator, a set of 4 Environmental Harmonizers and Harmonic Liquids.
   Place the Breath of Life Rejuvenator under a chair or massage table on the floor centered underneath you. Place one column of the Harmonizers by each leg with the logos facing inward. Then sit or lay down for 10 to 15 minutes -- just long enough to clear and balance the meridians and chakras. These can also be used during a one-hour massage or healing treatment -- for yourself and others. (May desire to do daily.)

    In addition, a Harmonic Liquid Formula of your choice can be placed on top of the Rejuvenator. Harmonic Peace or Harmonic Opal are really good choices, however, any one of the Formulas can be used -- read the label on the liquid Formula to determine which qualities you desire to enhance.

Rejuvenate the Breath of Life in your body, mind and emotions with the Breath of Life Rejuvenator!
   Due to a myriad of disharmonic factors, the basic flow of Life Ions - the wave of the Breath of Life within our cells and systems may have been diminished, altered or comprised. This can result in distortions or disruptions in our physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies resulting in distress on any and all levels of our being
  •    Physical and Energetic Body: The physical body has an amazing etheric energy system. When this system is functioning in perfect order, we move in a natural state of healthful vitality calling forth the things and experiences we desire in Divine Love.
  •    Mental Body: The mind, brain and creative thought process is imperative to basic human function. When this system is functioning in harmonic order, there is divine rhythm between knowledge, wisdom, intuition, discernment and conscious awareness with a steady untiring stream of positive thought patterns. This creates an environment for creative thought, motivation, stability and positive action. Disharmonic grid patterns can cause interference and constriction in neurotransmitters in the body leading to mental confusion, brain fog, depression, fatigue and despair.
  •    Emotions and Emotional Body: The natural, original emotions can be seen in a baby. They consist of Peace, Joy, Harmony and Love, plus the multitude of subsets of these basic emotions. Disharmonic emotions are created from reactions to disharmonic life experiences as well as disharmonic cyber frequencies that include subliminal and hypnotic suggestions. When the nerves work as a flow line for the transmission of disharmonic electromagnetic signals, it can leave you feeling sad, depressed, angry, fearful or anxious.
   Due to stresses from toxic disharmonic energies, that are foreign to the natural vital state of being, the systems begin to degenerate, fragment and disconnect. The perfect blueprint for these systems lies within the core of our Being. The key to rejuvenation is to transform these angular disharmonic particles and grids back to fluid life force energy encouraging the return to a natural flow of Life Ions - wave of the Breath of Life.

Within the stillness of Divine Peace,

there is always the Breath of Life
- the movement of consciousness from one to another -
the fluidity of awareness, inspiration and Divine upliftment
from the Heart and Mind of God to you
and from your sacred acknowledgment, back to the Heart and Mind of God,
ever expanding the continuing knowledge of the Divinity of Self.
 From Symmetry of Divine Love

Strongest Frequency Wins
    Everything in our reality vibrates at a frequency.  This frequency can be harmonic or disharmonic. Today we live in a world full of disharmonic frequencies -- from toxic air, water and soil pollution to toxic vibrational cyber frequencies. Fortunately we still live in a Universe where strongest frequency wins. A harmonic frequency will always transform a disharmonic frequency into a harmonic form. 
     -    drops of Harmonic Peace will transform water back to its original Breath of Life (and you can feel and taste the difference immediately)
     -    drops of Harmonic Joy will transform chemicals in food and body products (and by placing a few drops in wine or a soft drink you can immediately taste the difference)
     -    and this is true for all of the Harmonic Liquid Formulas

Note: Results are not necessarily the same for all individuals as each person's energy and lifestyle are different.
Harmonic Products do not treat or cure disease, they enhance the energies of the body. For diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, see a health care professional.

Breath of Life Rejuvenator


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