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Actual Size: 1 1/4" wide x 6" long purple acrylic.

The Body-Balancers use harmonic waveforms to release the stress within your emotional body, stimulating the energy within your glandular system which is responsible for regulating most of your body's functions.

Re-establishing balance and harmony creates a positive affect on the overall rejuvenation, strength and tone of your body including specific functions such as:
  • hormone distribution
  • mineral absorption
  • sexual function
  • fat regulation
  • muscular strength
  • proper digestive function
The skeletal, muscular, reproductive, digestive and fat storing systems are all inter-related. Imbalances in these systems lead to physical weakness, overall distress and weight problems. Scientific studies show that imbalances in these systems stem from survival issues and when you experience stress, your body reacts according to its survival instincts. Releasing the stress within the emotional body by using harmonic energies to restore the resonance of acceptance, creativity, self-esteem plus other positive attributes, while stimulating the energy within the glandular system, restores the natural flow of energy to re-establish overall rejuvenation, strength and tone to your body.

Many struggle with weight, trying one exercise and diet program after another with no lasting results. May I suggest, when the emotional body is in balance, it will be easier to tone, strengthen and sculpt your body according to your desire.

Using the Body-Balancers along with a good diet and exercise program may give you the edge you have been looking for. Many report they actually gained weight in the beginning as muscle tissue was building and fluids rebalanced. Then as the body began to tone and strengthen, excess weight began to drop. Ann Marie Work
To maximize results, use the Balance and Intuition formulas. To relax the digestive system, activate metabolism and balance fluids, take 5 drops Balance 3 times a day in 8 oz. of water before meals and place drops of Balance and Intuition under the tongue at bedtime. Also use drops of Intuition throughout the day as desired.
To assist in eliminating fat build-up and cellulite, add 5 drops of Balance to a small amount of lotion to rub on areas of focus
NOTE: A FREE 1/2 oz. Liquid Balance Formula and 1/2 oz. Liquid Intuition Formula will be included with your order for the Body-Balancers.

Easy to Use 

Place one Body-Balancer column at the head and one at the foot in the center of your bed. (points facing outward) Each column can be placed under the fitted sheet or placed in a sock and pinned to the mattress pad.
The Body-Balancers create a field of harmonic waveforms, soothing your emotional body while you sleep and will have a positive harmonizing effect on anyone in the bed, including your pets.

Seventy years ago I had polio leaving one leg totally atrophied. I began using the Body-Balancers 6 months ago. In 2 months I noticed the muscles in my atrophied leg were beginning to enlarge and gain strength. My leg has doubled in size, almost the size of my good leg and with therapy the muscles are beginning to function. V.B.
I can walk with no pain. For more than a year my foot would swell at night and I limped first thing in the morning and after sitting for a time. After sleeping in the Body-Balancers for just 2 weeks, the pain is gone. D.K.


Note: Results are not necessarily the same for all individuals as each person's energy and lifestyle are different.
Harmonic Products do not treat or cure disease, they work with the energies of the body. For diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, see a health care professional.
Body-Balancers (1 pair) $495.00
Receive a FREE 2 oz. Liquid Balance with the purchase of ea. pair of Body-Balancers.

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