Harmonic Acrylic Products

Harmonic Acrylic Products

A specific Acrylic was chosen for these products because of its unique molecular structure and its ability to hold a specific set of Harmonic frequencies indefinitely without change or influence from the external environment. All of the acrylics, except the Liberators, never need to be cleansed, even when passed from one person to another. Refer to the instructions for specific use.

Each acrylic piece contains specific waveforms to assist with a specific purpose and continually amplifies those waveforms out into the energy field around them. Example: The Liberators amplify waveforms through your energy field as you sleep with them at night.

All Harmonic Acrylic products have a 30-day money-back guarantee from date of purchase. (Original sales receipt must accompany a return.)

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Full-Body Activators
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Nourish Life Disc
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Personal Harmonizer
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Pocket Activators
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Ruby Vital Life Discs
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