"God, this is a good book!" by Rich Work

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241 page book

"God, this is a good book!"
by Rich Work

"Is this all that life has to offer?    How do I find out what really makes my heart sing?
Maybe there is more than I could even imagine! The truth of my Soul - I want to know!"

This book is about awakening the truth from within!
It touches the heart - allowing us to remember!

The Emerald Isle by Rich Work
"O gentle soul, why do you cry this day?"
   "It is because I see my beautiful world so deep in trouble. It is because there is so much disease, so much pain, so much war, so much death. Everywhere I look I see arguments, disagreements, those who are bitter with their neighbors and families. I see no peace."
   I came to Earth because I was told this was the Emerald Isle of the Universe. It was here that I would find joy and peace. It was here that I would manifest my heart's desires. Tell me, O wise one, why have I failed to find that which I have come for?"
   "O gentle soul, all you seek is here -- and more. Walk with me and together we will look for that which you desire."
   "In your despair you have walked with your shoulders bent and your eyes upon the ground. Look up. Have you seen the beauty of the clouds, so active and alive? They are here to serve you, to cocreate with you, to bring you beauty and the nourishing rain that will sustain your body, the grass and trees, the flowers and animals and all life upon this planet. And they do so in joy."
   "Look around you at the beautiful flowers of every variety. They have created a display of beauty and fragrance to enhance your life; they are here for you. Have you sat under a magnificent tree and felt its love for you as it provided shade to cool and protect you from the hot afternoon sun? Have you thanked the trees for providing the lumber that built the dwelling in which you live? Your science has long understood that all things in the universe have a consciousness. Become aware as you look around -- be aware that everything your eyes can see has a place in your world. Everything is here to serve and cocreate with you and yes, to provide your lessons."
   "Those on your planet have offered some interesting and provocative thoughts:
-- Do you see the water glass half empty, or half full?
-- Do you see yourself as the victim or as the master?
-- Do you view the world in a state of decay or in the process of rebuilding your planet into the Emerald Isle of the Universe?

   "As you look around, how do you choose to see yourself and your world? Remember, your perception becomes your reality."
  I answered, "I truly choose to find peace and joy, but I am only one person. How can I make others change? How can I possibly change the world?"
   "To make others change -- is impossible. To change the world -- you can. No one person can force change upon another, though many have tried. One can only change oneself, if and when one desires."

   "To change the world is to change yourself. Others are unable to give you the peace that you long for. It must come from within you. First you must find the love within you -- it is there. You might have to uncover it by removing the fears, doubts and guilt of old thought patterns to see the beauty that lies beyond. When you stand in the radiance of that love, with shoulders no longer bent, raise your head to see the beauty around you; see the divine creation in all that your eyes behold, the water glass half full and filling to overflowing in an abundance of love; see the master that you are. See the world in the process of change, with the opportunity to manifest your new world according to your heart's desires. Avoid looking upon your world as divine love collapsing, but rather as divine love unfolding."
  "You have viewed the world as you do because that is what you see within your world, your mind and your body. Look beyond and reclaim all that you are."
-- Let go of your judgments
-- Let go of your fears
-- Reclaim your power
-- Acknowledge your divinity.
   "As you do, the energies of love from within you will radiate outward and touch every part of the world you live in. In doing so, you become the example that others will want to emulate."
   "If every person in the world were in peace and joy and in harmony with every other person, what kind of world would you have?"
   "O wise one, what is your name? I asked in awe."
   "I am called the Elemental. I am the consciousness of all things upon your Emerald Isle and beyond. I have been waiting for you to come and cocreate with me, to share with me your dreams. Together we will manifest your desires into your reality. It is what you have come for. I have been waiting for you. Shall we begin?"


Magical Moments
from "God, this is a good book!"

The Angels said, open your eyes to the joy that surrounds you and magic happens.
There is no such thing as magic, it is only an illusion, I said.
They answered, magic only appears supernatural. It is difficult to explain.
It is the manifestation of your thought in a form that brings delight.
It is a form of awareness, a knowing, an understanding of things unperceived.
It is the wonder and awe of things gone unnoticed.
It is found in the moments when you perceive the beauty of yourself and in everything around you.

When you look for the magic and know it will happen, it is then you move out of the illusion into the reality.

Your eyes want to believe what they see,
Your ears want to believe what they hear.
Your heart can neither see, nor can it hear.
It knows.
Listen with your heart.

   "I began reading the book with my mind and finished it with my heart. Speaking to the Soul, it opens the door to the joy of remembering that we are the Divine Creation. A healing...beyond comprehension. It is a gift to the world." Barbara Taylor
   "Rich covers it all. Enjoyable and super-readable yet replete with dynamic truths applicable (imperative!) to healing ourselves and our society. This book is a journey you must take sooner or later. Do it NOW! Absorb these teachings with an open heart - be healed and empowered!" Ali Miner, Visionary Artist
   "Teaching tales and verse awaken truths often buried. This book contains many keys to self-empowerment and growth into harmony with the Oneness." Diana Taylor, Intuitive Counselor
   "Rarely does a master share so clearly the mystery teachings received along the way, taking the mystery out of remembering and portraying the wonder of intention and the power of the word. It is more than a book to read; it is a book to experience." Patricia Burke, MFT, Ph.D.

Note: Results are not necessarily the same for all individuals as each person's energy and lifestyle are different.
Harmonic Products do not treat or cure disease, they work with the energies of the body. For diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, see a health care professional.

God, this is a good book! by Rich Work $16.50


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