Full-Body Activators

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Actual Size: 6" long by 1" square

Stimulate the flow of energy in the cranio-sacral system
to enhance balance, harmony, vitality and health throughout your being!

Stimulate the energies at the atlas and in the spine to enhance the body's ability to:
  • revitalize your energy systems.
  • harmonize the fluids in the body.
  • enhance the energies in the spine.
  • balance the cranio-sacral rhythms.
  • harmonize the accumulated affects of stress.
  • awaken the Breath of Life within you.
Experience the relaxation of a 20 Minute Activator Attunement!
1. Lay flat on a comfortable surface with a 1-2" towel roll under your neck.
You may put a pillow under your knees but not under your head.
2. Place one Activator piece on each side of your ribs for 5 minutes. (Flat side near your ribs about 1 inch from them.) After 5 minutes, move the Activator pieces from that area.

3. Place one Activator piece horizontally on the surface you are laying on, about 1 inch from the top of your head, and one horizontally approximately 1 inch from the bottom of your feet.
Relax, breathe and enjoy the attunement for an additional 15 minutes. Remove the Activators.

NOTE: You may use your intent to assist a specific area of the body:
Focus your intent on the area, or place your hands on a specific part of the body
for a few minutes during the attunement.

To add to your experience, listen to the Harmonic Synchronistic Attunement tape or CD while in an Activator Attunement. You may want to set a timer so you don't fall asleep.

Additional Uses
Use the Activators to stimulate your own natural harmonic energy to gently soothe and relax your body.
Relieve stress, balance the systems of your body and renew your creative energies by placing one Activator on each side of you for 30 minutes while sitting or lying down

To experience an Activator Attunement inside a set of Environmental Harmonizers:
  • Place the columns of an Environmental Harmonizer at the 4 corners of a bed or massage table.
  • Place a bottle of Harmonic Confidence Formula under the solar plexus which is about 4 inches above the navel.
  • Follow the instructions above for the "20 Minute Activator Attunement".


AMAZING ATTUNEMENT using Harmonic Vitalizer and Full-Body Activator

Remove trapped negative energies from the spine: Lay down - Place a Vitalizer under you and lay a Full-Body Activator piece on each side of you. Relax for about 10 min., then lay a Full-Body Activator piece horizontally above your head and below your feet, keeping the Vitalizer under you. Breathe with this energy about 15 min.

Note: It is recommended to only do the Confidence/Environmental Harmonizer Attunement once a month. It may create a dramatic shift within your being and overuse could create a dramatic cleansing reaction.


-- Experiencing excruciating pain in my kidney, I had not slept in days. I placed the Full-Body Activators on my kidney area, the pain stopped almost immediately, now I sleep like a baby. Playing the Harmonic Synchronistic Attunement tape while using the Activators is just bliss. M.B.
-- I was feeling sluggish for weeks. While sitting, I placed the Full-Body Activators next to my thighs. I began feeling energy move down my legs, up my back and down my arms. After 30 minutes I felt revived. L.F.
-- Placing the Activators at the head and foot of my massage table, clients relax and go into a deeper peace. My work is more effective and I am not stressed during the session. Every therapist should have a set. F.M.
-- I am writing after just three days of experiencing the Full-Body Activator Attunement. Each time I felt waves of movement through my body. I use a timer because I relax sso much I fall asleep. I feel different, alive into the depths of my being. When I look into a mirror I see the depth and radiance in my eyes have returned. I was so depressed I thought I had lost the "real me". I have "me" back again. L.S.
-- When my knees give out on me, I end up with a wrenched back and in pain lasting for days. Yesterday when this happened, I did a 20 minute Activator Attunement. Then I put the Activators in my waist band, front and back. My whole body realigned itself. The pain was gone in less than one hour. I am amazed. B.D.

Note: Results are not necessarily the same for all individuals as each person's energy and lifestyle are different.
Harmonic Products do not treat or cure disease, they work with the energies of the body. For diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, see a health care professional.

Full-Body Activators (1 pair) $245.00


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