Chemtrails (excerpts from "The Veils of Illusion" by Rich Work)

   For many, "chemtrails" is an old term. For years, reports have come from every part of the world regarding high flying aircraft spreading chemicals, bacteria, virus and other possible toxic residues. Planes leave what appear to be vapor trails. However, these trails do not dissipate quickly as vapor trails do, but continue to spread, forming clouds which often fill the sky with residues of the materials being released. There are many theories and a great deal of material available about chemtrails, including scientific validation of some of the chemicals being released. There are reports of those exposed to the residues quickly becoming ill and some have died. The "chemtrail" program began about 1993 and may still be a serious problem today.
  • You are unable to correct a problem until you first acknowledge it exists.
  • Once you acknowledge it, if it no longer brings you joy - you can change it.
  • Thought is the most powerful energy in the universe.
  • Use the power of the word and the power of the mind to transmute disharmonic energies.

The intent is to clean up a polluted environment and ultimately reach critical mass to eliminate the action of destruction from the planet.

Critical-mass: When the collective consciousness equals or exceeds the balance of consciousness.

1.  Transmute airborne materials from chemtrails - repeat the "Chemtrails" proclamation (below) as desired.

2.  Harmonize the residuals from the body and assist the body to repair the damage that has occurred - use the following Attunement:

Chemtrails Attunement using Harmony, Confidence, Opal, AWAKEN

Put 3 drops each of Harmony, Confidence, Opal and AWAKEN in a glass of purified water and drink.

Take time each day to go into a state of peace. This strengthens the immune system, and brings forth the wisdom within. As you move into peace you send the vibration of peace out to the world.
Know that whatever has been created can also be uncreated.
It is time to stand in your mastery!

Join the collective consciousness to transmute your world into one which brings you joy, and get on with the celebration of life.

The following proclamation has been designed to transmute both the toxic residues and effects for the individual, the Earth and all life forms upon and within it.

Chemtrails (from "The Veils of Illusion" by Rich Work)

From the Divine Love within my Being.
I (state your name) call forth all energies
connected to chemtrails
interfering with my free-will choice
and the free-will choice of humanity
and all life forms cocreating with humanity.
I defuse and render inactive
all programming connected to chemtrails
in perfect sequential order on all levels of consciousness.

I command all energies involved with chemtrails,
as far as those energies extend,
be transmuted into the divine expression of Creative Love
and returned to creator source
to be used only as a positive, productive energy.

I command all tissues in my body and aspects of my Being,
damaged by chemtrails, interfering with my ability
to experience my Divine Perfection,
be restored to Divine Perfection.

I command all damage which has been created,
or has the potential to be created, by chemtrails
to all life forms living in cocreation with humanity
upon the planet Earth,
including the elemental consciousness
of the weather and the Earth
which interferes with their ability
to experience their perfected state of being,
be restored to Divine Perfection
in a manner restoring
peace, joy and harmony upon the Earth.
And so it is.

Harmonic Products, Attunements, Proclamations do not treat or cure disease, they enhance the energies of the body. For diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions and disease, contact a health care professional.
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