Harmonic Synchronistic Attunement CD

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Guided Attunement

Harmonic Synchronistic Attunement

A Guided Attunement

Enhance the Essence of Life!
Attune every cell in your body to the Breath of Life and the Rhythm of Peace!
Harmonic Synchronistic Attunements attune the cells of the body to the essence of your soul, awakening the healing energies within to transform your being out of suppression and distress into health and harmony. The attunements gently empower you to awaken the potential within, allowing you to integrate your spiritual essence into your physical world and manifest:

Physical regeneration and rejuvenation

Emotional stability and empowerment

Mental expansion of conscious awareness

Spiritual understanding and wisdom

Harmonic means divine love expressed. You are a divine expression of being. These attunements assist you, step by step, to move out of disharmony and suppression into the mastery of your being. We call this transformation.

Transformation is not miraculous; it is the natural progression back to your perfected state of being.

Attunements compliment your natural abilities and other healing techniques you are using to transform your being by empowering you to actively participate in unlocking the potential within.

Opening up the expression of empowerment and inner strength synchronistically activates the world of peace, joy and harmony within. This is the answer you have been looking for. Allow yourself to experience the embodiment of:

Attuning every aspect of your being to its divine essence.

Restoring the body to its natural rhythms and potential.

Awakening the body's innate ability to heal itself.

Transmuting limitation and fear into empowerment and unconditional love.

Opening the well stream of love, peace and harmony that lie within.

Moving into the peace of integration and understanding.

Awakening the wisdom of where you came from, who you are and why you are here.

Enhancing all areas of your life: physically, financially, in your relationships and career.
In the beginning, you may choose to attune your being no less than an hour a day, every day, to assist in transforming old patterns of limitation and degeneration into the movement of rejuvenation and regeneration. Soon, moving and breathing with the Breath of Life becomes a habit, and it is no longer an exercise, but a way of life. 


"Breathe and relax into the rise and fall of the rhythm of your breath. Drift into the waves of your breath and move into the peace. Listen to the sound of your breath, moving like seaweed in the waves of love. Allow your body to move and stretch synchronistically with your breath. Reach into the core of your being, into the love, and imagine it breathing with you. Feel your whole being breathe with you. Transmute stagnation within the cells, as the waves of the breath free you from stress, and your whole being attunes to the rhythm of the love inside and moves into the peace."

Would you like to drift on the waves of the Breath and into the Peace?


Available in Audio Cassette Tape.


Note: Results are not necessarily the same for all individuals as each person's energy and lifestyle are different.

The content of this attunement was created  from research and energetic observations by the presenter.

 Harmonic Products do not treat or cure disease, they work with the energies of the body. For diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, see a health care professional.

Attunement CD $18.00
This item is temporarily out of stock. The "Breath of Life" attunement CD is available as a wonderful alternative.

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