Awaken the Spirit of Life Within CD

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Awaken the Spirit of Life Within CD
   by Ann Marie (Groth) Work
     The Spirit of Life is the movement of the Breath of Life. This respiration of Creative Energy is witnessed in every living thing throughout Creation. When it is suppressed, there is degeneration, limitation, disharmony, despair and chaos. Sustaining your Spirit of Life is the key to vitality, balance and strength in every area of your life.
    Every time you experience physical, emotional or mental stress, you physically hold your breath, suppressing the natural flow of the Breath of Life through your being. When you react to stress, your shoulders roll forward, your collarbones clamp down, your breastbone caves in and your solar plexus closes. This places a torque in the spine, locks up the hips and pelvic cradle, inhibiting the movement of the Breath of Life within your body, suppressing your Spirit of Life. Your lungs expand and contract with each breath but your ribs stand still allowing the body to go into a state of stagnation which leads to disease, degeneration and death. The act of breathing is designed to bring life to your entire body. A wave created by the movement of the ribs sends a ripple through the lymph, bathing your one hundred trillion cells free of toxins and bringing forth oxygen and nutrients. This awakens the body?s ability to heal itself- it is called transformation.

Transformation is not miraculous;
 it is the natural progression back to your
natural state of health and vitality.

  "Disabled with multiple sclerosis, often bedridden, I spent long periods of time in deep places of peace, praying to be shown the way to heal myself. I have always been able to see energy and as I was guided to breathe with different parts of my body, I observed how breathing one part of my body affected another and breathing many parts affected the whole. In this process, I discovered the Breath of Life and reconnected to the Spirit of Life within me. As I watched the healing of my being, I soon realized I could breathe myself free of almost any condition or distress. Now, in vital health, symptom-free of MS over 20 years, I share with you Awaken the Spirit of Life Within  CD".  Ann Marie
NOTE: This CD is the 3rd CD in the set of 3 "Awaken to the Healer Within" workshop presentation.
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Many ask - "What's the difference in each attunement?"
"Where do I start?"
1. Start with "Awaken the Spirit of Life Within" CD.
Learn about the importance of the Breath of Life and how to work with it.
2. Then learn how to use that Breath to move into the Peace. Understand the importance of the movement of the Breath and Rhythm of Peace with the
"Harmonic Synchronistic Attunement" CD.
3. Use the
"Breath of Life" CD attunement to learn how to move the Harmonic energy through each part of your body, allowing the power of the Breath of Life to enhance the healing you desire.

Note: Results are not necessarily the same for all individuals as each person's energy and lifestyle are different.

The content of this attunement was created  from research and energetic observations by the presenter.

 Harmonic Products do not treat or cure disease, they work with the energies of the body. For diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, see a health care professional.

Awaken the Spirit of Life Within CD


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