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The Awakening of Consciousness

is an en"lighten"ment

of the body, mind and emotions.


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Symmetry empowerment of self-healing and transformation, using the power of Divine Love to become whole, well and balanced in mind, body and soul,

with peace, joy and harmony in all areas of your life.

Focused Insight: Each moment of each day, you have a choice

to embrace and express Divine Love through your thoughts, words and actions - or not.


The Awakening by Ann Marie Work


The Awakening of Consciousness

is an en"lighten"ment

of the body, mind and emotions. 

It is a movement out of the distress of the "darkness" created

from the disharmonic vibrations of judgment, fear, disappointment, 

and disconnection to the true essence of self,

into a conscious awareness and reconnection to the "Light"

filling you with the Peace, Joy and Harmony of the Divine Love within. 

The awakening is a great opportunity for each individual to let go of judgment, fear, disappointment and lack of self worth on all levels of being. It inspires each individual to embrace the knowledge and wisdom of truth within, to explore the meaning of joy and where it comes from, to let go of the past and give renewed attention to the present positive possibilities available, and to reach within the heart to discover new levels of connection to the Divine Love within.
How quickly new insights move into actual experiences may be a direct result of a person's focus, commitment and determination.  I have seen many “miracle healings” in the last few months. None of these were spontaneous. They were all the result of each person's dedication and energy put forth to affect the healing. I call them miracles, because they were all situations where the doctor's prognosis of deterioration and death was slowly but steadily turned around into rejuvenation and life.
One of the greatest catalysts for desired change may be the quotient of peaceful joy and harmony one is able to sustain over a period time. I have observed the predominance of this "harmonic" pattern in each of the people I have watched move into these amazing healings. The common thread seems to be the amount of time each one took to focus on the activity of breathing and feeling or perceiving the Love within. This focus seems to ignite the Radiance of Life (joy), allowing the body to relax into a peaceful state, creating an inner harmony with the way things currently are while opening new pathways of thought inspiring change to something better. The key seems to be these moments of moving out of fear and disappointment, into finding this inner space of quiet and peace that allows the body and mind to be filled with the radiance of life.
In Symmetry we use a technique called attunementsto intentionally shift our mental focus to the Breath and to embrace the radiance of Love (smile) filling the body. We use intentional focus, Breath and proclamations to assist in harmonizing the body, mind and emotions with the Divine Love within. With so many distractions in our world, sometimes it takes a distressful physical or mental catalyst to remind us to take the time to realign to the true essence of our being. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we did this just for the shear joy of it?  
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 From "The Veils of Illusion" by Rich Work


"Healing is only a Shift in Consciousness."


Everything you have ever experienced

or will ever experience

is only a shift in consciousness.


From having fear in a cell to having love in that cell

is only a shift in consciousness.


Healing is only a shift in consciousness. 



Declaration: "I choose to embrace the Breath of Divine Love as it moves and radiates throughout my being. I allow my mind to move into Peace, my body to embrace the Radiance of life and my emotions to express the Harmony of the Divine Love within. And so it is."


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The content of this article is merely suggestions from personal energetic observation by the creator of Symmetry.
Excerpts are from "The Veils of Illusion" and "Proclamations of the Soul"  by Rich Work
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