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Inspiration - The Awakening


The Awakening is the Freedom to be aligned and organized 

with the consciousness of Divine Love at your soul level 

and with the consciousness of Divine Love upon the Earth.


Symmetry Inspiration

Living an Empowered Life From the Divine Love Within!



Symmetry empowerment of self-healing and transformation, using the power of Divine Love to become whole, well and balanced in mind, body and soul,

with peace, joy and harmony in all areas of your life.

Focused Insight: Each moment of each day, you have a choice

to embrace and express Divine Love through your thoughts, words and actions - or not.


The Awakening by Ann Marie Work

The Awakening is the Freedom to be aligned and organized 

with the consciousness of Divine Love at your soul level 

and with the consciousness of Divine Love upon the Earth.


            The Golden Ruby is something I only used to talk about in Symmetry III. But ever since I saw the Ruby and Gold form an aura around the full moon in December 2012, I knew the "awakening" of consciousness had begun upon our Planet. The Golden Ruby is now also visible in the rainbow and it is spectacular. As of April it had saturated the Earth and is available to everything and everyone on Earth. As beautiful new harmonic vibrations of Light continue to penetrate the veils of illusion, the disharmonic vibrations of darkness can no longer keep this Light from us. The Light of harmonic frequency is transformational on all levels of being. The transformation of consciousness means a new level of understanding and compassion for all. It will gently and ease fully begin to transform the thoughts and actions of many, even if they are unaware of the Divine Love transforming their consciousness.  I know that it will take some time for everyone to accept it into their being, but individually each of us has an opportunity to be ahead of the masses. 

             Now is the time to get aligned and organized with the new and improved electro magnetic grid on the Earth. Thanks to all the wonderful work done by so many faithful souls, the Earth is moving into a new era. The planet itself is entering a new orbital journey of stability, allowing all of the inhabitants of Earth to enjoy a new sense of freedom and unity from the heart centered consciousness of Divine Love.
            Can you feel it?? For right now it is a "sense" of peaceful joy, freedom and unity of Love without any logical circumstance to connect these feelings to. You may only be feeling it in your half-awake state upon rising in the morning. It may be fleeting and only last a few moments, but it is there. You may also be experiencing greater depths of these feelings during meditation or times of quiet contemplation. 
            Now that you are consciously aware of it, allow yourself to Breathe with it and expand its presence into your Heart and through your body. This ruby ray of life and freedom breaks up old patterns of constraint, constriction and fear, opening your energy field up to accept more of the experiences of Divine Love in your body, emotions and manifestation of serendipitous experience. It is pure healing energy that moves into the depths of your being for peace, rejuvenation and magnetic attraction for that which you desire. In the last few months, I have heard of many "miracle" healings taking place by those individuals accepting the awakening of the healing energy within them. People are perceiving a renewed peaceful joy within them and I hear wonderful stories of magical "coincidences".
            You have the opportunity to personally drink this energy into your cells and systems on a daily basis until it becomes a natural part of you. This is what you have asked for. It is the "inner smile of Joy" you have wanted to be a daily part of your life. It is the spark and core of creativity, security, and freedom within your life. The bonds of tyranny have been broken. (See The Veils of Illusion by Rich Work). You only now have to accept your freedom and step into it. The war is over, let the peace begin within you and in your world.


From "Veils of Illusion" by Rich Work


"Healing is only a Shift in Consciousness."


The ultimate illusion

is not to control humanity by force.

It is to manipulate the consciousness 

so those in society are unaware they are imprisoned,

imprisoned within their own minds

. . . and they will fight to defend the illusion.



Declaration: "I choose to acknowledge and embrace the Divine Love within me and in my world. I awaken to the expanded consciousness within me and I acknowledge and celebrate as the bonds of tyranny break up around me and in my world. I choose to open my eyes, ears and senses to the new vibrations of Love all around me and allow the transformation of Divine Love on all levels of my being. And so it is."


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The content of this article is merely suggestions from personal energetic observation by the creator of Symmetry.
Excerpts are from "Proclamations of the Soul"  and The Veils of Illusion by Rich Work
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