My Prayer To You


Symmetry of Divine Love

Living an empowered life from the Divine Love within.


 My Prayer to You

   May the Presence of Peace

 The Expression of Joy

 The Fulfillment of Harmony

 The Magnificence of Divine Love

 exist, express, and manifest

 in and through you.


 Symmetry of Divine Love

 Ann Marie Work

From "Proclamations of the Soul" by Rich Work

Desires of My Heart

From the Divine Love that flows within my Being,

I ask that my Being be filled

with Infinite Love,

Infinite Healing,

Infinite Protection,

Infinite Power and Wisdom.

I call forth my Grand Adventure

in feelings and emotions

that will bring me Happiness and Joy.

And so it is.

Declaration by Ann Marie Work:
"I choose to acknowledge and embrace the Divine Love within me and in my world. I awaken to the expanded consciousness within me and I acknowledge and celebrate the Divine Love on all levels of my being. And so it is."
Symmetry of Divine Love 

Embracing and expressing the Divine Love within

is the pathway to experience

peace, joy and harmony

in this life.

Symmetry of Divine Love.



Symmetry is a pathway of self-healing and empowerment,

tapping into the power within to manifest your desire

to be whole, well and aligned in mind, body and soul -

to celebrate life, love and empowerment in peace, joy and harmony in all areas of your life.

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