The Pathway To Divine Love


Symmetry of Divine Love

Living an empowered life from the Divine Love within.


 The Divine Love within

   comes from your connection to the Heart and Mind of God.

 It allows you to know and understand what Love is.

 The goal of life is to identify, embrace and live

 from the magnificence of the Divine Love within.

 The stepping-stones to accomplish this goal create a pathway

 to experience, express and fulfill

 Peace, Joy and Harmony in all areas of Life.

 Symmetry of Divine Love

 Ann Marie Work

From "Proclamations of the Soul" by Rich Work

Proclaiming My Identity

From the Divine Love that flows within my Being,

I command that every cell in my body

and every vibration of my Being

align itself in Divine Perfection,

for I desire to be all that I AM.

I choose to be all that I AM.

I AM all that I AM.

I claim my identity and my Divine Perfection.

And so it is.

Embracing and expressing the Divine Love within

is the pathway to experience

peace, joy and harmony

in this life.

Symmetry of Divine Love.



Symmetry is a pathway of self-healing and empowerment,

tapping into the power within to manifest your desire

to be whole, well and aligned in mind, body and soul -

to celebrate life, love and empowerment in peace, joy and harmony in all areas of your life.

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