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Transformation Is A Natural State Of Being


Symmetry of Divine Love

Living an empowered life from the Divine Love within.


 Transformation is a natural state of Being

 Divine Love is in everyone.

 When many choose to hide from it

 through anger, rage, discontent, hate,

 lies, sabotage, greed, bullying, abuse

 and a myriad of other destructive behaviors -

 it is easy to believe that it is not there.

 Many try so hard to hide it, run away from it

 or bury it behind a wall of negativity.

 Sometimes showing Divine Love to them

 is more than they can handle.

 When life becomes difficult -

 embrace Divine Love.

 Transformation is a natural state of Being.

 There is only one requirement -

 Discover and Become the Divine Love within you.

Symmetry of Divine Love

Ann Marie Work

Embracing and expressing the Divine Love within

is the pathway to experience

peace, joy and harmony

in this life.

Symmetry of Divine Love.



Symmetry is a pathway of self-healing and empowerment,

tapping into the power within to manifest your desire

to be whole, well and aligned in mind, body and soul -

to celebrate life, love and empowerment in peace, joy and harmony in all areas of your life.

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by the creator of Symmetry of Divine Love.
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