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Symmetry of Divine Love

Living an empowered life from the Divine Love within.


 Divine Love is an energy.

The more you focus on it - the more it expands.

 It has been proven that prayer before meals

 increases the life force energy in the food.

 So for Today - and each day -

 focus on the Divine Love within and all around you:

 - the beautiful sunlight and clouds in the sky

 - the colors of the sunrise and sunset

 - the laughter of the children

 - the smiles of friends and strangers

 Listen - Observe - Feel -

 Participate in the Divine Love

 Allow it to expand within and around You.

Symmetry of Divine Love

Ann Marie Work

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Embracing and expressing the Divine Love within

is the pathway to experience

peace, joy and harmony

in this life.

Symmetry of Divine Love.



Symmetry is a pathway of self-healing and empowerment,

tapping into the power within to manifest your desire

to be whole, well and aligned in mind, body and soul -

to celebrate life, love and empowerment in peace, joy and harmony in all areas of your life.

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by the creator of Symmetry of Divine Love.
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