Awaken The Rhythm Of Strength - June 2014


As you Awaken, you awaken the Divine Rhythm of Strength within!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Symmetry Inspiration

Living an Empowered Life From the Divine Love Within!


Symmetry empowerment of self-healing and transformation

using the power of Divine Love. 

When you live from the magnificence of the DIVINE LOVE within,

you connect with the Universal Heart and Mind of Divine Love to

experience and fulfill your life in peace, joy and harmony.

Awakening Inner Strength

As you Awaken, you awaken the Divine Rhythm of Strength within.

      The Rhythm of Strength is the rhythm of peaceful harmony. It is the rhythm of honor and integrity to yourself and others. It lifts the veils of oppression, allowing you to see your value and your worth, guiding you to trust and believe in yourself. It encourages your personality to align with your soul, and break free of the tyranny of belief systems which have held you in separation and limitation. Strength is awakened as you increase your awareness of the Divine Love within and your awareness of your connection to the Heart and Mind of God. 

In the physical body, the Rhythm of Strength is directly related to the strength of the immune system.

- harmonizing the effects of stress from environmental toxins, radiation, toxic immunizations

- supporting the elasticity of connective tissue, cartilage, and collagen in the body.

- enhancing cellular respiration and the body's innate intelligence to heal itself

- promoting balance within the nervous system, brain and cranio-sacral systems

- awakening and stabilizing the body, mind, soul connection.

In the mind, Strength is the rhythm of tenacity and perseverance

- harmonizing the controlling energies of distress and limitation

- transforming mental weakness and dysfunction

- supporting a stabilized connection to Divine consciousness

- promoting sovereignty and freedom for creative individual expression in thought and action

- awakening unlimited potential

In the emotions, Strength is the rhythm of honor and integrity. A gentle inner driving force nudging you to stay connected to the Heart and Mind of God to live from the Divine Love within.

- supporting inner strength, freedom and sovereignty

- harmonizing feelings of victimization, weakness and limitation

- opening the conscious awareness of the living power of Divine Love

- encouraging you to stand strong against all the pressures from the outside world

- awakening the inner strength to embrace and express the qualities of Divine Love

Declaration: I acknowledge, embrace and breathe with the Divine Rhythm of Strength within me. And so it is.  


As you Awaken, you will be drawn to live on the harmonic side of the 5 Lessons in Life.

                    - To be in Peace rather than judgment. 

                    - To be in Joy rather than fear. 

                    - To be in Harmony rather than in disappointment. 

                    - To be in Divine Love rather than lack of self-worth. 

                    - To embrace the Magnificence of who you are  


Declaration: "The Presence of Peace, the Expression of Joy, the Fulfillment of Harmony, the Magnificence of Divine Love exists, expresses and manifests in and through me. And so it is". 


Symmetry Ministry of Love empowers you to empower yourself!



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The content of this article is merely suggestions from personal energetic observation by the creator of Symmetry.
Excerpts are from "Proclamations of the Soul" , The Veils of Illusion and God, this is a good book! by Rich Work
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