Awaken The Rhythm Of Balance - May 2014


As you Awaken, you awaken the Divine Rhythm of Balance within!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Symmetry Inspiration

Living an Empowered Life From the Divine Love Within!


Symmetry empowerment of self-healing and transformation

using the power of Divine Love. 

When you live from the magnificence of the DIVINE LOVE within,

you connect with the Universal Heart and Mind of Divine Love to

experience and fulfill your life in peace, joy and harmony.

Awakening Inner Balance

As you Awaken, you awaken the Divine Rhythm of Balance within.
          The Rhythm of Balance enfolds and nurtures every aspect of your being. It is the life force of health, healing, love, trust and emotional stability. Even though it is one of the most subtle movements of life, when it is missing it is one of the most painful. Balance is the key ingredient to all elements of shift. If you desire a shift - you must first find the balance in that area of your life.  Balance is a state of peaceful joy awakening your awareness to the meaning of your life. It is the realization, gratitude, acceptance and willingness to take the next step forward.

 In the physical body, Balance energetically empowers stability, health and healing;

- enhancing balance and equilibrium in every system and the interaction between systems

- enhancing the balance of electrical charges, absorption of minerals and removal of toxins

- supporting cellular integrity, pH balance, flexibility and longevity

- promoting stability in the mechanisms keeping the body functioning at high level potential

- supporting stability and vitality in all major organs of the body

In the mind, Balance is key to elements of shift, resolution and solution;

- harmonizing mental thoughts of failure, suppression and distrust
- transforming mental stagnation, rigidity, inflexibility
- supporting a stabilized connection between the head brain and the heart
- awakening self-trust, gratitude, acceptance, insights, flexibility and creative thought
- allowing a shift out of dilemmas into positive choices for all areas of life.

In the emotions, Balance is the rhythm of Trust-trusting self. It is the fulcrum between giving and receiving Love, creating a balance of peaceful joy in all areas of life;

- supporting self-love, self-trust, self-respect

- harmonizing blame, shame, grief, distrust, bitterness, hurt feelings

- transforming dysfunctional patterns of neediness, disrespect for self and others

- empowering you to give, receive and "feel" love

- shifting into the strength and courage to follow your Heart
- awakening contentment deep within your Being
Declaration: I acknowledge, embrace and breathe with the Divine Rhythm of Balance within me. And so it is.  


As you Awaken, you will be drawn to live on the harmonic side of the 5 Lessons in Life.

                    - To be in Peace rather than judgment. 

                    - To be in Joy rather than fear. 

                    - To be in Harmony rather than in disappointment. 

                    - To be in Divine Love rather than lack of self-worth. 

                    - To embrace the Magnificence of who you are  


Declaration: "The Presence of Peace, the Expression of Joy, the Fulfillment of Harmony, the Magnificence of Divine Love exists, expresses and manifests in and through me. And so it is". 


Symmetry Ministry of Love empowers you to empower yourself!



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The content of this article is merely suggestions from personal energetic observation by the creator of Symmetry.
Excerpts are from "Proclamations of the Soul" , The Veils of Illusion and God, this is a good book! by Rich Work
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