Awaken The Rhythm Of Peace - January 2014


As you Awaken, you awaken the Divine Rhythm of Peace within.

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When you live from the magnificence of the DIVINE LOVE within,

you connect with the Universal Heart and Mind of Divine Love to

experience and fulfill your life in peace, joy and harmony.

Awakening Inner Peace


 As you Awaken, you awaken the Divine Rhythm of Peace within.    

   There is a renewed Presence of Love on the Earth. Do you feel it? Have you taken the time to feel this soft, radiant Presence of Renewal within you?  Have you looked up into the sky and seen the celestial colors coming alive. The same radiant vibrations of these colors are integrating into everything - the air, plants, animals and yes, even you. The Earth is going through a state of harmonization. It is very subtle right now but over time it will begin to increase. This harmonization affects the air we breath, the water we drink and the food we eat. The momentum of this renewal will lead to subtle changes within people's emotions, reactions, thoughts and creative ideas.


       For now it is very subtle, but if you take the time to go into the Peace and ask your whole being to begin to perceive this renewed Presence of Love, it will begin to become real to you. As you awaken your awareness to it, you will begin to perceive it within you and all around you. As you begin to see the world through different eyes, there will be more peace within you, more joy in your day and more harmony in your life. Delightful moments will occur more often and serendipitous events will occur more often.


       The beauty of all of this, is that it is here right now. We are at the beginning of a new evolution and you are participating in it.


       The Rhythm of Peace is the movement of a Rainbow of Life, Love and Empowerment within the Universe. As you awaken to the Rhythm of Peace within you - you awaken the Spirit of Life - the Breath of Life within. This is the Divine connection between your conscious awareness and the Universal Consciousness of Divine Love (the Mind of God). The Awakening of the Rhythm of Peace within you is the awakening of your own personal Divine Consciousness. 

 In the body, this energetically empowers the body's innate intelligence to heal and rejuvenate itself: 

 - harmonizing the effects of stress

 - raising the body's overall level of wellness

 - increasing the flow of intracellular/extracellular fluids 

  - increasing hydration in the brain and all the cells and systems of the body supporting the function of the lymph system

  - increasing the transport of nutrients in and out of the cells

  - increasing the movement of fluids in the lymph system and the removal of toxins from the body

  - balancing and stabilizing the cranio-sacral system

  - awakening dormant strands of DNA

 In the mind, this energetically empowers Divine Consciousness to harmonize disharmonic mental thought patterns and ideas:

  - calming the mind and releasing stress

  - increasing mental clarity and cognition

  - awakening innate divine wisdom and intelligence

  - awakening empowering thoughts and mental patterns

 In the emotions, this energetically empowers a relaxed flow of harmonic emotions:

  - adding to ease and relaxation

  - increasing compassion and understanding for self and others

  - harmonizing self-judgment, worry, anxiety, panic, doubt, indecision and misunderstandings of self and others 

  - harmonizing the effects of disharmonic vibrations and etheric interference

  - awakening awareness of the true divine self  

 Declaration: I acknowledge, embrace and breathe with the Divine Rhythm of Peace within me. And so it is.    

 As you Awaken, you will be drawn to live on the harmonic side of the 5 Lessons in Life.

                    - To be in Peace rather than judgment. 

                    - To be in Joy rather than fear. 

                    - To be in Harmony rather than in disappointment. 

                    - To be in Divine Love rather than lack of self-worth. 

                    - To embrace the Magnificence of who you are  


Declaration: "The Presence of Peace, the Expression of Joy, the Fulfillment of Harmony, the Magnificence of Divine Love exists, expresses and manifests in and through me. And so it is". 


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The content of this article is merely suggestions from personal energetic observation by the creator of Symmetry.
Excerpts are from "Proclamations of the Soul" , The Veils of Illusion and God, this is a good book! by Rich Work
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