Harmonic Product ATTUNEMENTS

Peace, Balance, Organization--- Embrace Divine Love! Trust Divine Love! Accept Divine Love!


Peace, Balance, Organization  --   

Embrace Divine Love!   Trust Divine Love!   Accept Divine Love!


A Great Harmonic Attunement using Peace, Balance, Organization:

--  Breathe and move into the Peace to create a relaxed flow of harmonic emotions.
--  Embrace and trust the Divine Love within to assist with health and healing of body, mind and emotions.
--  Awaken to the knowledge and wisdom of the Divine Love within
Embrace, Trust and Accept Divine Love! 
Put 5 drops each of Peace, Balance and Organization in 1/2 glass of purified water.
   Hold the glass of water and "breathe" with it as you acknowledge the Divine Love within you. Relax and take a drink of this water as you focus on Relaxing, Healing, Embracing Divine Love.

   Empower a relaxed flow of harmonic emotions.
Take another drink and focus on Harmonizing:

- Self-judgment - Doubt - Stress - Anxiety - Low-level wellness - Etheric Interference

Energetically Assist and Inspire:
- Relaxation - Fluidity - Hydration - Immune - Lymph - DNA - Histamine Reaction
- Anti-aging - Activate innate healing intelligence

   Enhance the dynamics of the body's systems to inspire emotional healing.
Take another drink and focus on Harmonizing:
- Grief - Devastation - Distrust - Inflexibility - Failure - Bitterness - Hurt - Suppression
Energetically Assist and Inspire your:
- Peaceful Joy - Emotional Stability - Trust - Health/Healing - Flexibility - Ease
- Cellular Balance - Metabolism - Lungs - Respiration

   Realign and enhance the precision of the electro-magnetic body.
Take another drink and focus on Harmonizing:
- Worry - Fragmentation - Debilitation - Defeat - Controlling Energies - Inflammatory Response
Energetically Assist and Inspire your:
- Acceptance of the Divine Love within - Soul Connection - Anti-aging - Innate Healing
- Neuro-Muscular System - Cranio-Sacral System

Finish drinking and DECLARE: "I choose to acknowledge and embrace the Divine Love within me and in my world. I awaken to the expanded consciousness within me and I acknowledge and celebrate the Divine Love on all levels of my being. And so it is."

More Suggested Uses:

  • 3 times a day, put a few drops of each Peace, Balance, Organization in a couple ounces of purified water and drink - Especially in the morning and before bedtime.
  • Put several drops of each in all the purified water you drink throughout the day.
  • Put a few drops of each on your food.
  • Put a couple drops of each in a 2 oz. spritzer of purified water and spritz your bedding, pets, home, etc.
  • Put a drop of each in your pet's water or food.
  • Put drops of each on your crown chakra.
NOTE: Each of the Harmonic Liquids used in this Attunement may also be used individually:
Peace: Harmonize Low-level wellness, self-judjment, doubt, stress, anxiety, etheric interference. Energetically assist hydration, relaxation, fluidity, anti-aging, activate innate healing intelligence, assist to harmonize histamine reactions, enhance immune, lymph, DNA, Cranio-sacral system. READ MORE...

Balance: Harmonize Grief, Devastation, Distrust, Inflexibility, Failure, Bitterness, Hurt, Suppression. Energetically assist Emotional Stability, Peaceful Joy, Trust, Health/Healing, Flexibility, Ease, Metabolism, Cellular Balance, Lungs, Respiration. READ MORE...

Organization: Open your body, mind and emotions to new possibilities. Enhance the order, organization and structure of the electro-magnetic and neuro-muscular systems. READ MORE...

Harmonic Attunements and Products do not treat or cure disease. They work with the energy of the body. For diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, contact a health care professional.