Harmonic Product ATTUNEMENTS



As your body moves into Peace,
 it awakens the natural abilities of the cells, systems and body as a whole to heal itself.
 It is like turning on a light so the blueprint can be seen and reconstruction can be carried out

 When you are in Peace, you bring Peace to the World!

The Harmonic Liquid Formula Peace stimulates your own natural "Rhythm of Peace" that emanates vibrational light, sound and color, activating the body's healing intelligence to cleanse toxins, release stress and restore the body, mind and soul connection.

Enhance the body's natural healing intelligence and Breath of Life to:

  • Harmonize the energies of stress, doubt, anxiety and indecision.
  • Support the immune system, lymph system, DNA, and anti-aging.
  • Assist to balance the cranio-sacral system and rhythms.
  • Enhance hydration and fluid distribution throughout the cells and systems of the body.
  • Harmonize low-level wellness and etheric interference.
  • Transform judgments of yourself and others.
  • Calm your being to enhance mental focus, empowering a relaxed flow of harmonic emotions.

Take drops of Harmonic Liquid Peace and DECLARE:

Peace in Divine Love awakens me to my connection

with the Consciousness of the Heart and Mind of God.

Peace in Divine Love awakens the smile of love

and rekindles the spark of life deep within my being.

Peace in Divine Love awakens an awareness

within, of the Divine Love within me.

I restore my personal connection to Divine Love

as I acknowledge, embrace and express Peace in Divine Love.

Harmonic Products, Declarations and Attunements do not treat or cure disease. They work with the energy of the body. For diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, contact a health care professional.