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Opal, Confidence, Creativity Attunement!


Opal, Confidence, Creativity  -- 

This Triad seems VERY IMPORTANT in providing assistance in the removal of some very disruptive energies that we encounter every day, that can easily become lodged in the cellular structure:
  • The energies of digital technology may add frequency to our energy field, hindering the body's ability to function properly.
  • The airborne pollution from Chemtrails and other chemicals are also making it very difficult for our bodies to function properly.

These disruptive energies have been going on for quite some time, so why the interest in clearing them now?


   The body has an innate ability to protect itself from foreign materials and energies by stashing them away so the body can function as best as possible. After awhile of continual bombardment, it becomes difficult for the body to store and protect. That's when we begin to have difficulty functioning efficiently - and we notice it in how well our body functions, in our motivation, clear thinking, and our ability to express our magnificent Divine Love within. Life becomes gradually more and more of a struggle and without realizing it, we become more stressed and dysfunctional.

A GREAT Triad Attunement using Opal, Confidence, Creativity:
(We consider this Triad so important, that we have pre-mixed it and put it all together in a 2 oz. bottle and a 1/2 oz. bottle so it is easy to take.)

   Put 7 drops each of Opal, Confidence and Creativity in 1/2 glass of purified water or 10 drops of the Pre-Mixed Formula.

   Hold the glass of water and "breathe" with it as you acknowledge the Divine Love within you. Relax and sip this water as you allow it to help you:
  • Focus on the POSITIVE! Recognize that there are new and renewed streams of consciousness to step into to bring forth peace, inner joy, harmony and fulfillment into the hearts of mankind, awakening to the possibilities of what living in Divine Love means.
  • Use your intentions to reduce stress - BREATHE! - allow the doorways of opportunity to come forth - envision your finances flowing and increasing.
  • MOVE! - make a concentrated effort to stimulate the movement of toxins and unsupportive energies lodged in the cells.
  • REMEMBER HOW MAGNIFICENT YOU ARE and your ability to enhance relationships with fellow workers and family, inspiring good conversation and laughter.

DECLARE: "I choose to acknowledge and embrace the Divine Love within me and in my world. I awaken to the expanded consciousness within me and I acknowledge and celebrate the Divine Love on all levels of my being. And so it is."

More Suggested Uses: (This triad can be used by combining the individual formulas of Opal, Confidence and Creativity (in that order) OR by using drops of the pre-mixed triad.)

  • 3 times a day, put a few drops of each Opal, Confidence, Creativity (in that order) in a couple ounces of purified water and drink - Especially in the morning and before bedtime. (or a few drops of the pre-mixed)
  • Put several drops of each (in the above order) in all the purified water you drink throughout the day. (or 10 drops of the pre-mixed)
  • Put a few drops of each on your food. (or a few drops of the pre-mixed)
  • Put a couple drops of each in a 2 oz. spritzer of purified water and spritz your bedding, pets, home, etc. (or a couple drops of the pre-mixed)
  • Put a drop of each in your pet's water or food. (or a drop of the pre-mixed)
  • Put drops of each on your crown chakra (or a few drops of the pre-mixed)

NOTE: Each of the Harmonic Liquids used in this Attunement may also be used individually:
Opal: Open the flow of natural energy in the body to assist in releasing pain and degeneration. Help release the stress of tooth and bone conditions. READ MORE...
Confidence: Revitalize your DNA/RNA connection - revitalize your life and your magnetic attraction for prosperity. Neutralize the negative effects of chemicals, energetically strengthen DNA. READ MORE...
Creativity: Enhance your fire of life and creativity. Ignite your vital life energy and rejuvenation. READ MORE...

Harmonic Attunements and Products do not treat or cure disease. They work with the energy of the body. For diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, contact a health care