Harmonic Product ATTUNEMENTS

Ebony, Intuition, Discernment Attunement - Breathe! Move! Think Positive!


   Every day we encounter negative and disruptive energies that pull us "down". This can affect our emotions - our interactions with others, our ability to effectively heal our bodies, and live the life our soul wants and yearns for us to live.

   These negative energies can come from the "least expected" encounters in our lives. Harmonize them and allow yourself to be happier and healthier.

Ebony, Intuition, Discernment

This Triad may be one of the MOST IMPORTANT Triads

 to assist humanity on the Earth at this time!

(We consider this Triad so important, that we have pre-mixed it and put it all together

 in a 2 oz. bottle and a 1/2 oz. bottle so it is easy to take.)

Breathe!        Move!        Think Positive!

--- Harmonize frequencies in your energy field that hinder the body's ability to function properly.

--- Harmonize energies that encourage you to go against the desires of your soul making it difficult to achieve your heart's desires.
--- Harmonize disharmonic and destructive energies that hinder your ability to think positive and clear.

Acknowledge the Magnificence within YOU!

 Triad Attunement using Ebony, Intuition, Discernment!

   Put 6 drops each of Ebony, Intuition and Discernment in 1/2 glass of purified water or 10 drops of the Pre-mixed formula.
   Hold the glass of water and "breathe" with it as you acknowledge the Divine Love within you. Relax and sip this water as you allow it to help you:
  • Focus on the POSITIVE! Recognize that there are new and renewed streams of consciousness to step into to bring forth peace, inner joy, harmony and fulfillment into the hearts of mankind, awakening to the possibilities of what living in Divine Love means.
  • Use your intentions to reduce stress - BREATHE! - allow the doorways of opportunity to come forth - envision your finances flowing and increasing.
  • MOVE! - make a concentrated effort to stimulate the movement of toxins and unsupportive energies lodged in the cells.
  • REMEMBER HOW MAGNIFICENT YOU ARE and your ability to enhance relationships with fellow workers and family, inspiring good conversation and laughter.
Read this excerpt from "Proclamations of the Soul" by Rich Work and repeat and embody the proclamation: (breathe in deeply with intent to accept if you so choose)

Remembering My Creativity and Divinity
   It is a special time on the Earth, and each has come with a gift to share. It is a time of remembering--remembering your divinity, remembering your creativity, remembering your mastery. There is nothing you can do to be who you are. You already are who you are. You are the Creation expressing itself in physical form. It is time to remember.
Remembering My Creativity and Divinity
From the Divine Love that flows within my Being,
I call forth the essence of my soul
to stand before me now as I stand before you, in Love.
I ask you to assist me in remembering
my Creativity,
my Divinity
and my Mastery.
I ask that you bring this forth
in a manner that will bring Joy to my heart
and a smile to my lips.
I acknowledge your presence always.
And so it is.

More Suggested Uses: (This triad can be used by combining the individual formulas of Ebony, Intuition and Discernment (in that order) OR by using drops of the pre-mixed triad.)

  • 3 times a day, put a few drops of each Ebony, Intuition, Discernment (in that order) in a couple ounces of purified water and drink - Especially in the morning and before bedtime. (or a few drops of the pre-mixed*)
  • Put several drops of each (in the above order) in all the purified water you drink throughout the day. (or 10 drops of the pre-mixed*)
  • Put a few drops of each on your food. (or a few drops of the pre-mixed*)
  • Put a couple drops of each in a 2 oz. spritzer of purified water and spritz your bedding, pets, home, etc. (or a couple drops of the pre-mixed*)
  • Put a drop of each in your pet's water or food. (or a drop of the pre-mixed*)
  • Put drops of each on your crown chakra (or a few drops of the pre-mixed*)

NOTE: Each of the Harmonic Liquids used in this Attunement may also be used individually:

Ebony: Restore harmonic energy patterns of life, harmonize the stress of fear and life threatening conditions. READ MORE...
Intuition: Awaken to the Divine Wisdom within. Enhance the energetics of your brain - reconnect your computer brain with your "inner voice". Promote mental clarity and focused ideas. READ MORE...
Discernment: Stimulate your natural recognition system to recognize your truth, and that which is in alignment with the Divine Love within you. Energetically support the body's defense against harmful bacteria, fungus, virus; strengthen immunity. READ MORE...

Harmonic Attunements and Products do not treat or cure disease. They work with the energy of the body. For diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, contact a health care