Sapphire Vital Life Discs

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1 1/2" round clear acrylic discs with an etched Sapphire logo

Sapphire Vital Life Discs!
Is your life not as easy as you would like it to be?
"How can I think positive amidst all the energetic chaos in the world?"

  • Bathe yourself in the brilliance of the sapphire energy.
  • Allow this peaceful, uplifting energy to penetrate deep into the energy systems and tissues of your body.
  • Awaken your body's consciousness to the power of the Divine Love within.
  • Calm your emotions of anxiety, worry, distress and frustration.
  • Transform your awareness into understanding, wisdom, compassion and peace of mind.
Enhance Your Simpatico Pulse

The Simpatico Pulse is a pulse of life and communication within the body. It has been felt by many for centuries and has been given many different descriptions and explanations. But the most recent explanation for this physical phenomenon has been given to us by a group of neuro-scientists and neuro-cardiologists. The following statements are excerpts from articles written by Robert K. Cooper, Ph.D. (

Whenever we meet a new person or are given a challenge, problem, or opportunity, instead of going to the brain for thinking, the experience comes to us through all of our senses - including dozens of physical senses beyond the primary five - and first goes to the neurological networks of the intestinal tract and heart, rather than the head.

The "Second Brain": Every contact point with life creates a gut feeling. How important does this challenge seem to be? Is there an opportunity here? Could this be a threat to my job? Research indicates there is a "second brain" inside the intestines. There are about 100 million neurons in the intestinal tract. Known as the enteric nervous system, it is independent of and interconnected with the brain in the cranium.

The "Brain in the Heart": The next place each perception goes is to the heart. In the 1990's scientists discovered a "brain to the heart". Comprised of more than 40,000 neurons of various types, along with a complex network of neurotransmitters, proteins, and support cells, it acts independently of the head. This "heart brain" is as large as many key areas of the thinking brain and sufficiently sophisticated to rate as a brain in its own right. This network is an independent nervous system with two-way brain communication.

The highest reasoning involves all three brains working together. Calling on all three brains, you can ask better questions sooner and make better, clearer choices. Up to 96% of success in life and work depends on the Brains in the gut and heart, not just the head.

When you focus on any form of judgment, fear, disempowerment or lack of self-worth, by complaining, justifying, blaming or focusing on injustice; it leads to distress, anxiety, worry, frustration and a variety of emotional and mental disharmonies. This diminishes your connection to the power of the Divine Love which effects your pulse of life and communication within the body - your simpatico pulse. Reawakening your body's consciousness in the power of the Divine Love within and moving back into your simpatico pulse, allows you to deal with thoughts, emotions and situations in a more positive, harmonic way.

Sapphire Vital Life Discs!
Allow this peaceful, uplifting energy to calm your emotions of anxiety, worry, distress and frustration, transforming your awareness into understanding, wisdom, compassion and peace of mind!

Note: Results are not necessarily the same for all individuals as each person's energy and lifestyle are different.
Harmonic Products do not treat or cure disease, they work with the energies of the body. For diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, see a health care professional.

Sapphire Vital Life Discs (1 pair) $125.00


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