Environmental Harmonizer

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Each column - Actual Size 3" tall by 1 1/4" squared

Create an environment of peace and harmony - anywhere, anytime!
Negative energies are harmonized and positive energies are enhanced!

Create this positive environment in your home, office, therapy space or when traveling in an automobile, airplane, or staying in a motel, etc.




The Environmental Harmonizer uses harmonic waveforms of energy to stimulate the movement of the photon energy within the elements of the air to harmonize energies that disrupt the energies of the mind, body and emotions.

Use them to harmonize the negative energies of radiation, environmental and communication energies; negative energies from computers, microwaves, fluorescent lights, electrical transformers, magnetic ley lines, etc. into positive harmonic energy.

Beautiful!    Portable!    Affordable!    Adjustable!    Convenient!
Placing the four columns together with logos facing outward, activates a vortex of harmonic energy that will encompass the building you are in, two floors up and down. When placed in your home, they will encompass your entire property.

Suggested Use

-- House or Business: Place the Harmonizers together in a square with logos facing outward and wrap with a band or ribbon to hold in place. The energy will automatically encompass the building you are in - two floors up and down or your entire property. (Be aware of the change in the air or other changes you may perceive.)
-- Portable Harmonizer: You may carry it in your purse or briefcase. It will automatically cover the area you occupy such as your automobile, workspace, office, hospital room, etc. While traveling, place it in your suitcase to cover the airplane and hotel room.
NOTE: If you wish, you may separate the 4 columns and use each one as a Personal Harmonizer - each covering a 10X10 foot space as noted below.
-- Therapy: Place a Harmonizer in each of the four corners (logos facing inward) around your therapy table or area.
-- Multiple Harmonizers: You may place one Harmonizer within another such as one in your home and one in a personal work or therapy space in your home.

Personal Harmonizer
A single column may be purchased separately and placed or carried for personal use
to cover approximately a 10X10 foot space, for car, work, travel or home. (click to order)

Use a set of Environmental Harmonizers for Personal Harmonizing
"One of the greatest rejuvenating techniques!"

   Just as the Environmental Harmonizer stimulates harmonic energy in the atmosphere, using the Harmonic Liquid Formulas with the Harmonizer in a "Personal Attunement", stimulates the harmonic energy within each cell of your body.
   Each of your cells has a maximum potential of life-force energy. As a cell degenerates, the movement of the life-force decreases, inhibiting its full potential, sometimes causing pain and discomfort.
   Harmonizing amplifies the resonance of the Harmonic Liquid Formulas to go deep into your cellular structure, clearing negative energies, awakening each cell to its full potential, restoring your positive energy and emotions, helping to create the healing you desire.

Prepare your Harmonizing Attunement as follows:
1. Place a Harmonizer column, with the logo facing inward, in each of the four corners around a chair, massage table or bed. Then place yourself inside of this harmonizing energy.
2. Place one or more Harmonic Liquid Formulas under you.
-- To enhance the energy flow to specific areas of the body, topically apply a few drops of Harmonic Liquid Joy to that area for rejuvenation, or any combination of Formulas as you desire.
-- To manifest a desire, state your intent and place 5 drops of a Harmonic Liquid Formula under your tongue. If using more than one Formula, repeat with each one, stating the same intent.
This harmonizes the negative energies holding the suppressive energy in your body.
3. Close your eyes and relax. Drift into the peace and rhythm of your breathing until you feel calm and centered. Continue Harmonizing for 20-30 minutes every day for a week and then once a week or as often as desired.

Suggested Harmonic Liquid Formulas for your Harmonizing Attunement:
  Confidence - harmonize distorted energies and revitalize the body.
  Peace - release stress, enhance the body's natural rhythms and harmony.
  Joy - enhance your level of wellness and sense of well-being.
y - enhance balance in the glandular and circulatory systems.
  Creativity - balance the flow of vital life energies.
  Balance - relax stiff sore muscles and tissues.
  Strength - enhance the immune system, reconnect, get focused and relax.
  Manna - stimulate cellular integrity and the rebuilding of damaged tissues.
  Organization - enhance the electro-magnetic and neuromuscular systems.
  Ebony - enhance the rainbow of life and subdue life-threatening conditions.
  Opal - open a continuous flow of energy to release pain and stress.
Use a Triad of Harmonic Liquid Formulas to harmonize a triad of suppressive energies (see 100 Harmonic Programs for Triad suggestions)

OPTIONAL USE adding the NEW Vitalizer: Place the Vitalizer under a chair or massage table on the floor in the center. Place one column of the Harmonizers by each leg facing the logo inward. Then sit or lay down for 10 to 15 minutes -- just long enough to clear and balance the meridians and chakras. These can also be used during a one-hour massage or healing treatment -- for yourself and others. In addition, a Harmonic Liquid Formula of your choice can be placed on top of the Vitalizer. Peace is a GREAT choice - also Confidence or Organization, any one of them can be used.

  • Our two cats always fought. They stalked each other. We would awaken to screeching and fur flying. Since the Harmonizer they sleep peacefully in the same room. My children are better friends now too. (M.G.)
  • As a therapist, I am amazed at the difference since placing the Harmonizer in my office. People are more focused, healing happens more rapidly and I don't take on their "stuff" anymore. (V.F.)
  • We own a store in a tourist area where shoplifting is a major concern. The Harmonizer created an immediate shift in energy in our store. We have not had one thing missing since that time. People say they love the energy. (S.T.)
  • I carry the Harmonizer in my purse. My anxiety level has decreased and there is more harmony in my classroom and staff meetings. I even flew with head congestion and the pressure in my ears stayed equalized. Amazing. (M.G.)
  • In a legal office I take testimonies of the accused. Since placing a Harmonizer in my office, I easily access information others have been unable to obtain They often comment on how peaceful they feel. The secretarial pool set up a Harmonizer and were amazed at the difference in the stress level. (M.A.)
Note: Results are not necessarily the same for all individuals as each person's energy and lifestyle are different.
Harmonic Products do not treat or cure disease, they work with the energies of the body. For diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, see a health care professional.

Environmental Harmonizer (set of 4 columns) $325.00


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